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Patrick-Elder Trophy

The ranking list for the Patrick-Elder trophy 2016 (which will awarded at the annual dinner) has been updated:

1 Rory Burford 7107
2 Dan Safka 6677
3 John Ockenden 6600
4 Paul Pružina 6231
5 Ben Stevens 6223
6 Helen Pružina 6188
7 Miranda Leaf 5865
8 Zuzka Strakova 5571

There are also a number of club members who do not yet have 6 counting scores and are therefore not shown in the ranking table. Keep going to races to collect points.

LongO (or longo)

This week's training was a LongO starting at Burrel's Fields. There was a variety of courses ranging from 2 km to just over 6 km. The long course (nicknamed short for some reason, but it was still longer than the slightly short course), took runners around Burrell's Fields, the University library, Sidgwick site and Maths centre. There were some tricky controls located in obscure places on top of stairs, on one or the other side of the stream or on either side of uncrossable walls. The most exciting thing that happened was that Rory and Helen O got exactly the same time of 36:57. Jeremy took a detour on the way to number 7 apparently in order to confuse Zuzka, and unfortunately he succeeded.


Varsity 2016

Date now confirmed 05-06 March 2016. Location still unknown. Details may be on the JOK website by the time the race happens

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