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Dinner Crawl 2016 Live Blog

09:33 - Hello!

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to what is probably the first ever CUOC dinner crawl live blog!

It's a lovely day so far: blue skies and bright sunlight are visible from my shadowy ground floor room (admittedly only if I press my face longingly to the window pane). The Met Office suggests that this loveliness will continue all day - joined by a few pretty clouds at around 13:00 - and into the dinner crawl itself. The temperature will be falling from 13°C at 18:00 to 11°C by 23:00, so a jumper probably wouldn't be amiss later on. Or three fleeces and a duffle coat, if you're Helen Pružina.

I personally forecast 8 hours of excited anticipation, followed by unbridled fun, witty repartee and just a chance of culinary contendedness. Only time will tell what our seven spectacular hosts have in store for us. Let's just hope their preparations are all #oncourse !

18:09 The party is here. Several influential CUOCers are not. But we're not worried, as Jeremy's provided a lavish spread (nice bread, cheese and crisps) and many, many drinks.

18:23 Tom and Helen O have finally arrived! Turns out that St John's have EIGHT B staircases.

No time to drink, we need to be off again!

19:39 A successful couple of stops down. Tom's made the first bad pun of the night, Helen's reminisced over the size of her housemate's "camera". Now on course for a course at Helen's!

MicrO Results

Results from the Lammas Land MicrO are available here. Splits are also available.

Thank you to Helen for planning the courses.

Cuppers Results

A mustering of orienteersHelen the Reindeer heads offHelen reclines by a lake before her run / Rory utilises the free ice-bath.

After a brief spell of difficulty in convincing control box 105 that it is in fact the Finish, John has successfully produced this year's Cuppers Results.

Congratulations to James Meiklejohn, Carrie Beadle and Eleanor Sheekey of Peterhouse who stormed to a four minute victory (1:09:11)! Honourable mentions also to Selwyn (4th) and Emmanuel (3rd) for a strong showing, and especially to Christ's (2nd, 5th), who managed to turn out two full teams.

In the individual competition, Carrie Beadle successfully retained her title with a narrow victory over Zuzka Strakova of Homerton (winning time: 18:22). The men's individual was less closely contested thanks to a dominant 18:07 from newcomer Paul Pružina (Jesus), which put him almost two minutes clear of anyone else in the field. Meanwhile in the Reindeer category, Helen the CUOC Reindeer put in a clean run of 1:09, guaranteeing her the top spot.

Thanks to Sam Lambrick for planning this year's competition. Both courses were accessible to a wide range of orienteers, with only #seven mispunches from a large field of competitors. For those of you wanting to practice reading control descriptions, please come along to this week's Coe Fen MicrO!

In other news, the 2016/17 competition for the coveted Patrick-Elder Trophy is now underway. Zuzka Strakova scored a solid 1097 points with the fastest finish from control 100 (40s), while Rory Burford and Rowan Lee each scored 1137 points with run-ins of 32s from control 97. Special congratulations to Zuzka, Rowan, Sophie, Emma, Jonathan and Andrea, who all put in PB-earning performances.

Due insufficient competitors sharing her run-in (103-F), Helen the Reindeer was unable to score.

Full results are published below.

Individual Splits College Teams

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