Cambridge West 08.05.13 - Results

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Thanks to Caroline for planning some very interesting courses utilising a lot of different areas around the West of Cambridge.
I know some people struggled with finding the boxes, or had problems getting around the music hall etc. with all the people there. I have therefore not disqualified anybody for a mispunch, but there is a column to show how many controls were missed (as they were all there...) - you can make your own mind up about where you think you should have placed! You can see exactly which ones were missed on the splits page - link below.


Long (18/18) - 4900m, 0m

NameClubCategoryTimeDiffmin/kmMPRace time
1Matthew Vokes--31:050:006:20031:05
2James Hoad--38:407:357:53238:40
3Tom Dobra--39:218:168:01039:21
4Joe Hobbs--40:349:298:16040:34
5Dan Safka--42:1211:078:36042:12
6Steve Hinshlewood--43:1412:098:49043:14
7Stephen Borrill--46:5115:469:33046:51
8Tim Harrison--48:2617:219:53248:26
9Tin Wong--50:2519:2010:17050:25
10Peter Haynes--53:1922:1410:52153:19
11Jason Dunning--54:4523:4011:10254:45
12Ian Pickering--54:4923:4411:11254:49
13Guro Halsted--56:3125:2611:32156:31
14Phil Davies--56:3225:2711:32056:32
15Henry Millar--1:00:1629:1112:1711:00:16
16Peter Woods--1:04:2333:1813:0801:04:23
17Fiona Peterson--1:10:1239:0714:1911:10:12
18Thomas Leach--1:11:2140:1614:3311:11:21

Long Backwards (1/1) - 4900m, 0m

NameClubCategoryTimeDiffmin/kmMPRace time
1Chris Arran--1:02:460:0012:4801:02:46

Medium (8/8) - 3450m, 0m

NameClubCategoryTimeDiffmin/kmMPRace time
1Jonathan Clark--43:560:0012:44043:56
2Helen Bickle--47:173:2113:42047:17
3Anna Rygielska--48:094:1313:57048:09
4Chris Morley--55:0211:0615:57155:02
5Raphaelle Suard--1:09:0325:0720:0001:09:03
6Jenny Hunt--1:12:0528:0920:5311:12:05
7Rachel Crosby--1:14:2330:2721:3301:14:23
8Sarah Wiseman--1:14:2930:3321:3501:14:29

Short (5/5) - 2350m, 0m

NameClubCategoryTimeDiffmin/kmMPRace time
1Ben Windsor--19:470:008:25019:47
2Edward Godfrey--40:4620:5917:20040:46
3Noemie Verscheurd--1:10:0550:1829:4901:10:05
John Ockenden--DNF316:30
Philip Levi--DNF13--:--