West Cambridge Site Training (05 Feb 2014) - Results



45 minute time limit, score course
1 point for each 'stationary' control visited
1 point deducted for each minute, or part minute late back
1 bonus point if all controls punched in the correct place on punchcard (1.1 in box 1, 2.1 in box 4, 4.3 in box 12 etc.)
NameClubPointsBonusTimeTime PenaltyTOTAL POINTS
1Matthew VokesCUOC18126:15019
2Dan SafkaCUOC18028:40018
3John OckendenCUOC18031:20018
4James HoadCUOC18031:31018
5Mark SalmonCUOC18036:54018
6Stephen BorrillWAOC17042:28017
7Iain StempWAOC18046:07-216
8Ned BookerCUOC15042:00015
9Hong Quan LockCUOC17046:40-215
10Fiona PetersenCUOC14043:35014
11Helen BickleWAOC14045:33-113
12Helen HagueWAOC10137:25011
13Jason DunningWAOC11042:30011
14Ben WeberCUOC11045:33-110
15Oliver HagueWAOC9043:4009
16Raphaelle SuardDRONGO8046:48-26
17Sarah GalesCUOC8048:30-44
SMIK: S Migrujicimi Kontrolami, or translated from Czech: Orienteering with Moving/Migrating Controls