Adventure Race 2014

Planner's comments

It was great to see a good turnout at the adventure race yesterday. I had tried to make sure there were a good range of activities in addition to the adventure race score course. One of the consequences of this was that a large amount of equipment was needed to set up the activities, and it took a longer than anticipated to do so. I apologise for the slightly delayed mass start and for several of the problems that arose during the race. I do hope however, that you all enjoyed the race.

After much coffee and multiple problems to solve, the results have been calculated. Unfortunately, some people did not download, so I have been unable to give them the position they may deserve in the results. It is the competitors responsiblity to ensure they download at all training and races. If anyone thinks there are any problems with the results, they should email (results AT cuoc DOT



[PDF] Final Results

Score Course

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Maze Courses

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Tree Minute Score

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Punching Technique

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