Socials are organised on a regular basis

For details of upcoming socials see the calendar or contact the social secretary

May Week Event

Natalie, Helen and Dan trying to solve one of the clues at the 2015 May Week race

At the end of the year, in May week, the club always holds an orienteering social in a novel format.T he exact rules depend on the organiser, but the race can involve running, punting along the river, swimming, pub-O, micro-O, or pretty much any kind of O you can think of! Depending on the organiser, extra points may be given for silly things like bridge-jumping!

The Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner 2015 at Christs College

Of course, a seminal social does exist. The annual dinner is a chance for high-jinks and to eat some decent cuisine and often takes place in a private function room, away from the student crowds of college hall. It's traditional for the captain to give out silly prizes to everyone present. It really is the highlight of the orienteering year, where we might club together somewhere afterwards...ssh,cindies.

Varsity Match Social

CUOC, DrongO and Oxford at the 2015 Varsity Match Social

The individual competition at the Varsity Match is normally followed by a social in the evening. The format varies from year to year. In 2017 there was a black-tie dinner in Fontainebleau, but in other years things have been a bit more informal.

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