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BUCS 2024 - The Results!CUOC2024
BUCS 2024 Final DetailsCUOC2024
BUCS Entries are OPENCUOC2024
Training TourCUOC2023
CUOC goes to EUOCCUOC2023
CUOC boldly goes to Belgium... and on into SwitzerlandCUOC2023
CUOC goes to the Scottish 6 (or is it 5?) DaysCUOC2023
Cambridge City Race entries are open!CUOC2023
CUOC goes to SaundersCUOC2023
Double Varsity Win 🎉CUOC2023
CUOC have arrived in CzechiaCUOC2023
CUOC goes to BUCS 2023CUOC2023
CUOC goes to the Junior World Orienteering ChampionshipsCUOC2022
CUOC take on the World University Champs Beer Relay!CUOC2022
CUOC goes to JukolaCUOC2022
CUOC goes to the British Sprint ChampionshipsCUOC2022
CUOC Turns 50! - Training at ThetfordCUOC2022
CUOC go to the JKCUOC2022
CUOC does Varsity ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶1̶ 2022CUOC2022
CUOC go to BOC 2022CUOC2022
CUOC go to BUCS 2022: journey to the high mountainsCUOC2022
Cambridge City Race ResultsCUOC2021
Cambridge City Race 2021 - Final Details and More!CUOC2021
Cambridge City Race 2021 - Entries are OPEN!CUOC2021
CUOC do a trainingCUOC2021
Orienteering is back!CUOC2021
A race for the agesCUOC2021
Welcome Freshers!CUOC2020
Fiona wins the Cambridge Sports Person of the Year!!CUOC2020
BUCS Orienteering cancelledCUOC2020
BUCS Accommodation now fullCUOC2020
BUCS entries openCUOC2020
Training Tour day 110CUOC2019
Training Tour Day à·ª CUOC2019
Training Tour Day å››CUOC2019
Training Tour Day Г҃ CUOC2019
Training Tour Day IICUOC2019
Traning Tour Day 1CUOC2019
Training Tour Day ZeroCUOC2019
Cambridge City Race Results are up!CUOC2019
Cambridge City Race countdownCUOC2019
City Race Entries are OPEN!CUOC2019
KanPas sponsorshipCUOC2019
Medals for Fiona at JWOC!CUOC2019
Grad Week MicrOCUOC2019
May week picnicCUOC2019
King's Lynn UrbanCUOC2019
CUOC do #boc2019CUOC2019
Cuppers 2019CUOC2019
JK Day 1 ResultsCUOC2019
BUCS 2019CUOC2019
preBUCS 2019CUOC2019
Varsity 2019CUOC2019
Icenian 2019CUOC2019
West Cambridge League EventCUOC2019
Jezza elected Worst CUOC Captain everCUOC2019
Training Tour Day 6CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 5CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 4CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 3CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 2CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 1CUOC2018
Training Tour Day 0CUOC2018
November Classic 2018CUOC2018
High AshCUOC2018
Fresher's Event: West CambridgeCUOC2018
Freshers EventCUOC2018
Mourne Mountain Marathon 2018CUOC2018
Senior Home International 2018CUOC2018
British Sprint and Middle Champs 2019CUOC2018
A-Level Results Day 2018CUOC2018
Lakes 5 DaysCUOC2018
CUOC International Orienteering ResultsCUOC2018
A CUOCer goes to Skanderborg, then Vejle, then Skanderborg again, then Vejle againCUOC2018
CUOC rejser til DanmarkCUOC2018
Cuppers 2018CUOC2018
CUOC come 2nd at BUCS!CUOC2018
JWOC SelectionsCUOC2018
Northern Championships and Extra Special Selection RacesCUOC2018
Lakes weekendCUOC2018
JK RelayCUOC2018
JK LongCUOC2018
JK MiddleCUOC2018
JK SprintCUOC2018
Bosh and NoshCUOC2018
CUOC don't go to BUCSCUOC2018
Jezza's alternative BUCS articleCUOC2018
British Night ChampsCUOC2018
Varsity 2018CUOC2018
Jesus Green and Northern Streets TrainingCUOC2018
Training Tour Day Seven CUOC2017
Training Tour Day SixCUOC2017
Training Tour Day FiveCUOC2017
Training Tour Day FourCUOC2017
Training Tour Day Three CUOC2017
Training Tour Day TwoCUOC2017
Training Tour Day OneCUOC2017
Training Tour Day ZeroCUOC2017
November Classic 2017CUOC2017
City Race ResultsCUOC2017
City Race 2017CUOC2017
Parker's Piece TrainingCUOC2017
Mourne Mountain MarathonCUOC2017
Cambridge City Race 2017CUOC2017
A Level Results 2017CUOC2017
Scottish Six DaysCUOC2017
Paul is at JWOCCUOC2017
Harvester RelayCUOC2017
Epping Results CUOC2017
Wandlebury Training CUOC2017
British Champs 2017CUOC2017
AGM and Annual Dinner 2017: New Committee Elected!CUOC2017
Cuppers 2017 ResultsCUOC2017
Cuppers 2017CUOC2017
JK 2017CUOC2017
VM Jour 7- Orienteurs à la gueule de bois sont assez décentesCUOC2017
VM Jour 6 - CUOC ne peut pas construire des pyramides CUOC2017
VM Jour 5 - Il a pluCUOC2017
VM Jour 4 - Quelque chose en françaisCUOC2017
VM Jour 3 - Nous continuons le training à LarchantCUOC2017
VM Jour 2 - Nous avons commencé la formationCUOC2017
VM Jour 1 - Nous sommes arrivés en FranceCUOC2017
BUCS 2017CUOC2017
Impington TrainingCUOC2017
Paul Pružina Certified “Amazing” by CUMBCCUOC2017
British Nights / Northern ChampsCUOC2017
Rygge Airport has closedCUOC2017
Icenian 2017 Race ReportCUOC2017
Icenian 2017 ResultsCUOC2017
Helen's food is eighteen minutes and twenty six seconds lateCUOC2017
Icenian 2017CUOC2017
Have a groovy ChristmasCUOC2016
Training Tour Day SevenCUOC2016
Training Tour Day SixCUOC2016
Training Tour Day FiveCUOC2016
Training Tour Day FourCUOC2016
Training Tour Day ThreeCUOC2016
Icenian 2017 Entries OpenCUOC2016
Training Tour Day TwoCUOC2016
Training Tour Day OneCUOC2016
Training Tour Day ZeroCUOC2016
Pual Pruznia isn't amazingCUOC2016
Paul Pružina is okay, I guess.CUOC2016
Paul Pruznia is amazingCUOC2016
Jesus FormalCUOC2016
CUOC goes to the Other PlaceCUOC2016
Helen the Reindeer Trophy Standings CUOC2016
Freshers' Races ResultsCUOC2016
Freshers' RacesCUOC2016
Mourne Mountain Marathon 2016CUOC2016
A Level results dayCUOC2016
CUOC buys a banner poleCUOC2016
CUOC go to the HarvestersCUOC2016
Norway Day 5CUOC2016
Norway Day 4CUOC2016
Norway Day 3CUOC2016
Norway Day 2CUOC2016
Norway Day 1CUOC2016
British Sprint and Middle ChampsCUOC2016
CUOC and DrongO top medal tables at British SprintsCUOC2016
Epping TrainingCUOC2016
MicrO ResultsCUOC2016
Cuppers ResultsCUOC2016
Patrick-Elder Trophy 2016CUOC2016
JK 2016, YorkshireCUOC2016
VM 2016 ReportCUOC2016
VM 2016 ResultsCUOC2016
VM Further DetailsCUOC2016
BUCS 2016CUOC2016
Madingley Rise ResultsCUOC2016
Patrick-Elder TrophyCUOC2016
LongO (or longo)CUOC2016
Varsity 2016CUOC2016
Varsity 2017CUOC2016
Epping NorthCUOC2016
Night Sprint RaceCUOC2016
SI ServicingCUOC2016
Happy New YearCUOC2016
Training Tour 2015 - Day 7CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 6CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 5CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 4CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 3CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 2CUOC2015
Training Tour 2015 - Day 1CUOC2015
From Our Own CorrespondantCUOC2015
CUOC Wins Pizza Cutter AwardCUOC2015
Pružina makes it to 2nd most boring CUOC Captain behind MaliphantCUOC2015
Races Michaemas 2015CUOC2015
City Race ResultsCUOC2015
City Race Start TimesCUOC2015
Freshers' Races 2015CUOC2015
Mourne Mountain MarathonCUOC2015
Coaching SiteCUOC2015
A-Level Results 2015CUOC2015
Sunshine, Showers, Scottish and SpectatingCUOC2015
What have CUOC been up to?CUOC2015
CUOC's big day outCUOC2015
Norway Day 4CUOC2015
Norway Day 3CUOC2015
Norway Day 2CUOC2015
Norway Day 1CUOC2015
We have arrived (Norway Day 0)CUOC2015
Fen Ditton TrainingCUOC2015
Trinity FormalCUOC2015
SportIdent ConfigCUOC2015
Milton TrainingCUOC2015
Wander to WanderlburyCUOC2015
Cuppers ResultsCUOC2015
CUOC goes to CambourneCUOC2015
British Champs 2015CUOC2015
Go Outdoors SponsorshipCUOC2015
JK Day 4CUOC2015
JK Day 3CUOC2015
JK Day 2CUOC2015
JK Day 1CUOC2015
JK 2015 Live BlogCUOC2015
Varsity Match ReportCUOC2015
Varsity 2015 SummaryCUOC2015
Varsity 2015 Live BlogCUOC2015
Varsity Match 2015CUOC2015
BUCS 2015CUOC2015
Running in CambridgeCUOC2015
Lammas Land MicrOCUOC2015
Madingley Rise TrainingCUOC2015
BUCS 2015 UpdateCUOC2015
Girton TrainingCUOC2015
BUCS 2015 Start ListCUOC2015
Pancake DayCUOC2015
BUCS 2015 Final DetailsCUOC2015
Burrells Field TrainingCUOC2015
NOR Cockley Cley RaceCUOC2015
MicrO ChampionshipsCUOC2015
CUOC LongO ResultsCUOC2015
Training Tour 2014CUOC2015
LongO ResultsCUOC2014
CMS ResultsCUOC2014
Michaelmas TermcardCUOC2014
Freshers' RacesCUOC2014
JEC 2014 - BelgiumCUOC2014
May Week ReportCUOC2014
May Week RaceCUOC2014
Norway PhotosCUOC2014
Epping East Training ResultsCUOC2014
Bar Hill StreetO ResultsCUOC2014
Science Park Training ResultsCUOC2014
Impington StreetO ResultsCUOC2014
Girton Training ResultsCUOC2014
Lucy Cavendish Training ResultsCUOC2014
Churchill Training - 05 Mar 14CUOC2014
CUOC's 2014 East Anglian ChampionsCUOC2014
CMS Training ResultsCUOC2014
BUCS 2014CUOC2014
Jesus Green StreetO ResultsCUOC2014
Burrell's Field Training - MirrOCUOC2014
West Cambridge Training Results CUOC2014
Indoor MicrO Results CUOC2014
Sidgwick Site Results CUOC2014
Lent Term CardCUOC2014
Jesus Lane MicrO & SocialCUOC2014
Training Tour ResultsCUOC2013
Christmas Training Tour 2013 - Lake District CUOC2013
Girton Training ResultsCUOC2013
Science Park TrainingCUOC2013
MicrO Results are finally available!CUOC2013
Cambridge City Race 2013CUOC2013
Freshers' Race & Training ResultsCUOC2013
Cambridge City Race 2013CUOC2013
Harvester Relays 2013CUOC2013
May Week RaceCUOC2013
CUOC ClubnightCUOC2013
Cambridge City Race 2013CUOC2013
Training on Coldham's CommonCUOC2013
Epping North trainingCUOC2013
Wandlebury Training Score ResultsCUOC2013
Cambridge West Training ResultsCUOC2013
British Orienteering Championships 2013CUOC2013
Science Park Training ResultsCUOC2013
University Orienteering Club of the YearCUOC2013
Poland Training TourCUOC2013
Varsity 2013CUOC2013
Coe Fen Street-O ResultsCUOC2013
Girton TrainingCUOC2013
BUCS 2013CUOC2013
Midland ChampionshipsCUOC2013
Training Night ResultsCUOC2013
CUOC in Czech RepublicCUOC2013
Thetford Thrash 2013CUOC2012
CUOC Training Tour 2012 BlogCUOC2012
CUOC Training Tour 2012CUOC2012
Adventure Race ResultsCUOC2012
Science Park Training ResultsCUOC2012
West Harling Heath ResultsCUOC2012
MicrO Championships 2012: ResultsCUOC2012
Shouldham Warren Race ResultsCUOC2012
Race Results: Epping South WestCUOC2012
Jesus Green Training ResultsCUOC2012
Race Results: Oxford and MildenhallCUOC2012
Impington Training ResultsCUOC2012
Ickworth Park ResultsCUOC2012
CMS Training ResultsCUOC2012
Termcard and Freshers InfoCUOC2012
CUOC SprintO - 10th November 2012CUOC2012
CUOC athletes at World Championships!CUOC2012
Mildenhall Training ResultsCUOC2012
CUOC May Week RaceCUOC2012
Impington Training ResultsCUOC2012
2012 AGMCUOC2012
Cuppers 2012 ResultsCUOC2012
Risk assessmentCUOC2012
CUOC members selected for WUOC and JWOCCUOC2012
CUOC at the JKCUOC2012
CUOC at British Sprint ChampionshipsCUOC2012
CUOC 3rd at BUCSCUOC2012
BUCS ResultsCUOC2012
Varsity 2012CUOC2012
CUOC member attends EAOA committee meetingCUOC2012
Girton Training ResultsCUOC2012
West Harling Heath ResultsCUOC2012
A Flipping Good LunchCUOC2012
Mark wins M20 EA leagueCUOC2012
CUOC Christmas Training Tour 2011CUOC2012
CUOC Snow TrainingCUOC2012
BUCS 2012 Start ListsCUOC2011
Training Night - Adventure RaceCUOC2011
CUOC at Epping ForestCUOC2011
Cambourne Training ResultsCUOC2011
CUOC at the SprintOCUOC2011
MicrO ChampionshipsCUOC2011
CUOC members selected for British SquadsCUOC2011
Training Tour 2011 DetailsCUOC2011
Harvesters July 2011CUOC2011
JWOC 2011, PolandCUOC2011
CUOC Training in NorwayCUOC2011
Milton CP Race ResultsCUOC2011
May Week Race ResultsCUOC2011
CUOC Save the FootpathsCUOC2011
CUOC Members Selected for Talent CampCUOC2011
CUOC at BOC 2011CUOC2011
CUOC Committee 2011-2012CUOC2011
CUOC meets a Fire at BromehillCUOC2011
CUOC success at JK 2011CUOC2011
CUOC at JK 2011CUOC2011
Midland ChampionshipsCUOC2011
Southern ChampionshipsCUOC2011
BUCS 2011CUOC2011
Varsity Results 2011CUOC2011
Cambridge City Race ResultsCUOC2011
Thetford Thrash Day 2CUOC2011
DrongO DinnerCUOC2011
Thetford Thrash Day 1CUOC2011
SprintO 2010 ResultsCUOC2010
Midland Sprint Championships 2010CUOC2010
Training Tour Provisional DetailsCUOC2010
Thetford Thrash WeekendCUOC2010
Races Michaelmas 2010 & MembershipCUOC2010
SprintO 2010CUOC2010
May Week RaceCUOC2010
Cuppers ResultsCUOC2010
BUCS ResultsCUOC2010
Varsity Match ResultsCUOC2010
Thetford Thrash Day 1 ResultsCUOC2010
Thetford Thrash Jan 2010CUOC2009
Cambridge City Race ResultsCUOC2009
Icenian 2006CUOC2006
Alex and Ed at the KIMMCUOC2006
Alex and Edmund pretend to be fellrunnersCUOC2006
JK 2006 – CUOC Takes on the Rest of the World!CUOC2006
A captain's witterings…CUOC2006
BUSA 2006CUOC2006
SprintO 2003CUOC2005
Journal 2004CUOC2004
Varsity Match 2004CUOC2004
Training Tour 2003CUOC2004
MO CantabCUOC2004
KIMM 2004CUOC2004
JK 2004CUOC2004
Icenian 2004CUOC2004
Dinnercrawl 2003CUOC2004
Cuppers 2004CUOC2004
Captains ReportCUOC2004
Annual Dinner 2004 AwardsCUOC2004
Journal 2003CUOC2003
Varsity Match 2003CUOC2003
Being CUOC treasurerCUOC2003
Lake District 2002 Training TourCUOC2003
SprintO HistoryCUOC2003
SprintO 2002 - A Frolic in the ForestCUOC2003
Some photos...CUOC2003
Top Tips for Mapping Success CUOC2003
Icenian 2003CUOC2003
Glenmore Training Tour - March 2003CUOC2003
Dinner CrawlCUOC2003
CUOC at the BOC and the JKCUOC2003
Your AstrOCUOC2003
Not just the CaptainsCUOC2003
Bananas, Bevvies, Blues & Bivvies (KIMM 2002)CUOC2002
Journal 2002CUOC2002
The Last WordCUOC2002
The IcenianCUOC2002
Success at the British ChampionshipsCUOC2002
Sentence: LifeCUOC2002
Sand in All the Right PlacesCUOC2002
Patrick-Elder TrophyCUOC2002
KIMM 2001CUOC2002
Historical statisticsCUOC2002
Dark Blues lose ControlCUOC2002
CUOC: An Historical PerspectiveCUOC2002
Captain's Report - the Warner CornerCUOC2002
Better than the Boat RaceCUOC2002
Training Tour 2001CUOC2001
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