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Jezza elected Worst CUOC Captain ever

What a disaster!

In political news today, the nation was left in a state of turmoil after the shock election of Jezza as Worst CUOC Captain ever. In an ordinary pizza session the Right Honourable Member for St John's introduced drastic reforms to pizza cutting technique, involving a cut in the z=constant plane. This controversial move was met with disapproval from all sides of the house, prompting the Member for Jesus to propose a motion to proclaim Jezza the Worst CUOC Captain Ever. The motion was instantly passed unanimously.

Training Tour Day 6

Today was Tour Champs Day, so Aidan got up early to bring Rob to the station before going to hang the controls, while everyone else tidied the bunkhouse and dealt out all the remaining food. Eventually it was time to go so cars were loaded up and we headed over to High Rigg. The astute reader may notice that all of the previous areas have been over an hour's drive away from Hawse End, but today it was only about 20 minutes, on the only day that we didn't have to go back to the bunkhouse afterwards. There is of course an excellent reason for this, which can be discovered by calling CUOC Customer Care on 0044[Aidan's phone number].

By the time everyone else arrived Aidan had almost hung all the controls, so first start time was set for 1115, with 3 minute intervals to try to avoid trains. Everyone set off onto the fell, which was exceptionally citric terrain - dryish, quite rocky in places and not too steep in places. The course was well planned with a mixture of short legs and one quite long one offering route choice around some crags.

What High Rigg can look like when it's not raining

While Aidan hung the last couple of controls, everyone else stayed in the cars. While we were hiding a very exciting barn owl appeared, but flew away before anyone got a picture of it.

Ben was the fastest around, but sadly was disqualified for overtaking Jeremy without saying 'choo choo', leaving Paul and James in the top two spots. Helen was fastest female. Rowan was last back in a time of early enough that we didn't get bored waiting for him, and even collected all the controls!

Full results are below, sorted by whatever weird order Aidan decided to sort them by:

Niki 84:05
Jeremy 77:37
Rebecca 91:04
Ben 48:09
Dai 68:36
Helen 65:35
James 49:46
Elizabeth dnf
Tom 73:55
Paul 48:43
John 53:35
Rowan 98:49

Soon enough it was time for everyone to go home. Aidan was presented with a lovely Christmas card, featuring a 5 foot cast iron stag shimmering in the moonlight, before leaving with the DRONGO hat, resulting in him being retroactively awarded DRONGO of the week. Well done to everyone who came along for all or part of it, and have a groovy Christmas.

Training Tour Day 5

Today was the last day of training which made everyone sad. However, it was at Holme Fell, which was pretty tasty, so that made up for it. When the hangers went to car to leave, they discovered that Tom had left the passenger window open all night, which had the exciting effect that Paul actually got drier over the course of the training day, rather than wetter.

A few CUOCers show off some tasty gear at the MicrO start

On the drive over, all the drivers decided to take an interesting non-road route, involving a progressively narrower and steeper lane culminating in an section that was 'rocky, really rocky, really more crag than path'. Aidan's plucky little panda was the bravest of all, but even it had to turn back before it reached the quarry section. For this valiant effort Aidan was awarded DRONGO of the day, for the second day in a row.

Once everyone arrived, we headed up to the start and Aidan's dad (proud owner of a cast iron stag) arrived, followed by Elizabeth's dad. The courses took in some skogalicious skog and some felltastic fell, some of the nicest terrain we've had all week. For the first time all week we used the tent, much to the annoyance of the weather gods who decided to try to blow it down. However, pegs, rocks and bags prevailed and it stayed standing.

After lunch, Helen had planned a middle distance course which we decided not to hang, but some people ran without kites while others collected controls. Jeremy left early to take Fiona and Cecilie to catch a train from the Lakeland Kitchen Supplies Shop, and everyone else went back home for tea and biscuits.

Dinner was prepared out of lots of leftovers, and then John arrived, after failing to have a cheeky orange juice with his colleagues. While pudding was being cooked the Micro Championships happened, with SI timing and coloured pen punching. Matthew was the fastest, and James was disqualified for moving one of the controls and sabotaging everyone else's races.

What a novel camera angle!

Pudding was cake made in a similar way to the first night, and when that was finished some more cake was made until all the eggs were gone, then some flapjacks were produced until all the unnecessary oats were gone.

The controls were collected in a haphazard way, but eventually all were found. John attempted to shoot some DRONGO and it turned out he was quite good at it. Well done John.

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