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CUOC rejser til Danmark, Dag 1 og 2

On Saturday, Jeremy, Paul, Lily, Aidan and a LUOC imposter got up so early that clocks don't actually show the time, in order to get the first train to Stansted. We slept for a while in the airport, then boarded the Ryanair London - Billund sleeper service. Over the course of the flight, Aidan decided that his as his water bottle leaks, he would position it so that Paul got soaked - a very sneaky move indeed. When we arrived, Paul tried to dry off, and our bus was late, giving Aidan more time to get excited about his proximity to the home of lego. Eventually, it arrived, and via bus and two trains we arrived in Silkeborg two hours later.

We walked to the hostel and it was closed, so we sat in a greenhouse playing cards until the receptionist arrived so we could get into the rooms, before heading out to train at Nordskoven. Jeremy had planned a course called contours, which was between 5km/335m and 8km/25m depending on which routes you took. For the most part, it was pengaluscious, although there were some small areas of dirtyness where the map was out of date. in contrast to the Scandinavia, the terrain was very like the South of England, without all the horrible bits, so CUOC predicts some good British JWOC performances next year.

When we got back, Aidan took a nap, while Lily and Miranda prepared a delicious and nutritious dinner and Jeremy made some instant chocolate elk, which were quickly devoured, along with some generosity curry, generously donated by a German family. We watched 22 men chasing a ball for a while, and eventually the Germans were happy when they won. Jeremy went to bed, then James arrived and the rest of us went to bed.

In the morning we got up at the leisurely time of nine, ate breakfast, made lunch, and headed out to train. Today, James had planned some courses in the crunchy, minty forest of Vesterskoven. There were some route choice courses, including some very steep reentrants to go down and up or around, and some very orange flavoured green bits. We had some extra special tags to put on our controls to make it look like we were an elite JWOC training squad, which made them more annoying than normal to hang, but the courses were all good so that made up for it. Afterwards we had lunch, wanged a tree and had a successful game of sticket, while everyone except Paul listened intently as England were being less terrible at football than usual. After that, we headed out on some trains courses planned by Lily which were quite fast and quite good, then walked home.

On the way back we visited a shop and bought ice cream, biscuits, chocolate milk, chocolate and a toothbrush, because the main shop yesterday had only stocked extra healthy sugar free wholemeal digestives, which were rubbish. When we got back we swam in the river, successfully not getting run over by a paddle steamer and then Paul made a curry and sticky rice. After dinner, we ate a four course pudding, although the additional option of fruit and yoghurt remained unused. We got our first communications from Fiona, who was experiencing some technical difficulties. She should arrive sometime in the next 24 hours.

After everyone had laughed at Fiona enough, we played ping pong, which descended into 'Who can knock the ball off the net?' It turns out that everyone can except for Aidan, and Jeremy is quite good at pinging pongs.

Cuppers 2018

The individual winners.

The victorious Queens'  team

27 students and 1 guest descended on the West Cambridge site for Cuppers 2018. A few newcomers were reassured by their ability to navigate on the 300m long practice course, before being thrown into slightly more realistic orienteering on the real thing. Most people on the Men's course ran right to the first control and most people on the Women's course ran left, despite it being the same control. A last minute map correction resulted in the only control on a contour feature being relocated, as the original depression is being turned into a row of bike racks, but fortunately this didn't seem to confuse anyone too much.

Congratulations to Aidan Rigby (Selwyn) and Fiona Bunn (Queens) on their individual victories, and to the team from Queens for their over all victory.

Team results

1.64:30 Queens

(nc) 65:05 Combined Women's Colleges

2. 68:27 St Johns

3. 68:33 Pembroke

4. 82:26 Darwin

Individual Results are here.

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CUOC come 2nd at BUCS!

Compare and contrast the fashion passion levels

Jonathan runs down a hill

Aidan and Fiona planned carefully to come through the spectator run through simultaneously

Helen representing Ravinen in their most important race of the weekend

Fiona coming second

Loughborough proving themselves to be a public nuisance

Most, but not all, of the CUOC team

This weekend saw the BUCS Orienteering Championships held by Oxford. After some early suggestions that it might have to be cancelled again because of some unseasonal snow, OUOC pulled through to produce quite a successful weekend of competition.

We started off hiring cars from a different place from usual, and didn't take into account the fact that they wouldn't be as efficient as CCVR, so everyone had to wait for quite a long time before the drivers arrived; however this was counteracted by the sheer size of the cars: three massive behemoths with boots easily big enough for a pop up tent, and four wheel drive to cope with any conditions a parking field could throw at us. For some reason, Jonathan got a normal car though. Maybe Enterprise don't like Scottish people.

After a diesel guzzling ride to Oxford, we arrived at the car park before Oxford did. They soon arrived to start taping the route to the start, so we stayed in the cars chatting. We waited for a while longer before heading up to the start ourselves. Gradually, all the other teams arrived, with one notable exception - there was no sign of EUOC. As the start time drew nearer we grew more worried that they weren't going to turn up, wanting to save face rather than perform badly with a team decimated by TioMila. The start was even pushed back ten minutes, and eventually they came swanning in, happy to make us wait. The teams got ready to run, and we stripped off into the bluest of blue trousers, which drew such wide ranging compliments as 'They're horrible' and 'Those are even worse than ShUOC's white ones!'

Finally we got started, and what a start it was - runners flying out towards the tricky spur-gully terrain of Shotover. Some took it out too fast, and Paul and James K both struggled on the first control, losing large and very large amounts of time respectively. Paul managed to catch back onto the pack, and came back in a solid fourth place, behind the titans of Oxford, Loughborough and Edinburgh. Meanwhile, in the women's race, Fiona ran away from it, handing over to Helen with a huge lead.

On second leg, Helen increased the lead even further, while James A did his job and overtook the OUAFC 5th Team Supporters Club before handing over to Heather and Aidan, who both fought strongly for the entire leg. Aidan came back in third, earning FuCUOCxford some nice pieces of bronze on a ribbon, while Heather did well to hold off EUOC until the very last control, still coming in well for some silvery necklaces for CUOC Kangaroos.

Further down, we had CUOC Crocodiles (Euan, Jonathan, Rowan) 11th and CUOC Kingfishers (Elizabeth, Lily, Emma) 4th. CUOC Camels (James K, Tin and a Durham runner) were sadly let down by a mispunch on their last leg, while CUOC Chameleons (Ana, Isabel, no one) were incomplete so couldn't place.

After we were all done, we headed back to the 'Did you know Roger Bannister went to Oxford?' track for some showers and to set up camp for the night. The men's showers earned a 8/10 for power, and 9/10 for warmth, while the women's didn't, As the previous social was to be Harry Potter themed, Lily produced some Dark Mark temporary tattoos, which helped us to increase our fashion passion by even more than the blue trousers had managed. Euan, however, didn't stop there, getting out his gown and getting fully kitted out in the true spirit of fancy dress.

We headed first to Keble Bar, which was quite strange, but quite nice, where some people purchased 568ml of beer, then headed out onto the lawn for the boat race. Unlike Varsity, we didn't win this one, given the tough competition of ShUOC. After an efficient race, we left quickly before Tim got deaned, and plotted a course for Cosmo. Apparently, you have to eat seven plates of of food to get your money's worth at an all you can eat buffet, and there were some sterling efforts by eveyone, but most only managed three or four. One ex-EUOCer was spotted taking a different approach to value for money, dining only on steak, king prawns and sushi. Of course, there is always room for pudding, and while Paul ate one of every cake, Elizabeth, Lily and Ana shared one of every cake three ways.

When everyone had eaten as much as they physically could, it was time for Spoons, and we departed to the Fork Handles. People stayed for varying lengths of time before heading back for some sleep. Fiona, James and Aidan stayed up to watch TioMila until Aidan's phone ran out of battery, then packed it in and went to bed. James decided that he didn't need to pay his fair share of the cost, as anyone who owns a five foot cast iron stag can clearly afford the 15SEK viewing fee.

We woke up so early on Sunday morning that it was still dark - fortunately someone turned the lights on in the windowless hall so we could get packed up and walk to Sainsbury's in search of breakfast. James A was quite tired, and bought two cold double espressi, which he later described as 'disgusting'. Ana decided her leg was too sore to walk back, so demanded that Lily come pick her up from the shop before setting off to the race.

When we arrived in the parking field it was still a long time before first starts, so we sat in the cars listening to the Approved Playlist and complaining about the weather, until eventually it was time to run. Today's terrain was very green - the courses had been planned for March when there weren't any leaves on the trees, and now in late April there were few sections where you could see for more than 20 metres. The courses themselves were quite devilishly planned, with nested phi loops to break up any packs and seriously confuse everyone who didn't find the terrain tricky enough already.

The result of the day went to Fiona, who came second in the women's, while the fastest CUOC man was Aidan, coming 12th. Everyone else did very well to get round the challenging course in some fairly tricky terrain. After very solid placings yesterday and today, we managed to pull off second team overall - the best ever CUOC team performance! (as far as anyone can remember)

Soon enough, it was time to leave and stop being cold, so we piled into cars for the drive back to flatland, comforted by the prospect of Annual Dinner in the evening. When we got back, everyone had plenty of time to get cleaned up, before meeting at Jesus for an excellent meal. Unfortunately, the normal dress code of Black Tie and CUOC tops had to be abandoned because everyone's CUOC tops were still disgusting, so we all looked much smarter than normal, except for Emma, who very cleverly owns two CUOC tops. Paul, on the other hand, wore high heels, kindly provided by Ana, to prove a point he made a long time ago that he could walk in heels better than Emma. Sadly we forgot to have a race, so there will have to be a repeat at the next CUOC formal. Helen was confused by the starter which she helped to choose, because she didn't think she would ever have chosen something with mayonnaise in it, but the rest of the meal was all very nice.

Helen once again has a snake around her neck, and Paul wishes he was fast like Paul

At the end, Paul didn't give a proper speech because he'd been busy all day doing BUCS and isn't very creative, but did give out some nice CUOC hats to the committee (copied exactly from two years ago - thanks Helen and Sam!). Jeremy then presented the captains with a new snake for Helen's neck, and a vest saying 'I wish I was fast like Paul', before Liam brought out the CUOC journals, which were absolutely amazing, despite not being typset in LaTeX!

Eventually everyone started heading home, bringing an end to a successful night to end a successful weekend. Congratulations to everyone who ran BUCS, and thanks for making it such a great couple of days!

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