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A-Level Results Day 2018


Have you just received your A-Level results and had confirmation of your place at Cambridge?

Every year CUOC welcomes new Cambridge students, from absolute beginner to international athletes, and we'd love you to join us!

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Lakes 5 Days

Three CUOCers (Elizabeth Bedwell, Lily Alger and Fiona Bunn) made the trip to compete in the Lakes 5 Days, taking the chance to familiarise themselves with the impressive terrain we have in store for training tour 2k18.

Day 1 was a wet and misty day on top of Silver How, Day 2 a slightly drier day on Angle Tarn pikes and Day 3 a beautiful day at Whinlatter forest which was reported to have been “actually really nice”, after hearing worrying reports about the grimness of the area from locals. All these days had a significant amount of climb so a rest day was welcomed, before the longest but flattest courses of the week on the moorland of Askham Fell. Day 4 was a day for depressions, with people continuously popping in and out of the very numerous examples across the area. The final twist in the courses was a tricky patch of gorse bushes right at the end which caught many people out. The final day was a very technical and physical middle distance course for all classes at Dale Park which was the deciding factor in many of the overall standings.

Fiona took the win on W21L after having a closely fought battle with Claire Ward and finally being able to discard the score from the nightmare Day 1.

Lily came 26th on W21L, Elizabeth came 5th and 2nd on W20L on the first few days, then stepped up to W21L and had a reasonably close battle with Lily on the final 3 days. Not content with 5 days of running up the peaks, both Lily and Elizabeth ran in the Rest Day Urban around Ulverston, with Lily coming 30th on the Brown and Elizabeth 8th on the Blue.

Well done to all 3 CUOCers, it was good to see the CUOC top venturing up some summits for a change!

CUOC International Orienteering Results

Aidan and Fiona at JWOC

Two CUOCers – Fiona Bunn and Aidan Rigby- were part of the 12 British athletes to compete in the Junior World Orienteering Championships U20 competition in the unique terrain of central Hungary. The recent heatwave in the UK helped final preparations for the competition, as temperatures were 28-30 degrees most days, and the lack of hills in Cambridge did not prove a problem as the maps used just 2m contours, making for tricky navigation around the labyrinth of juniper bushes.

The Long distance courses were the longest ever seen at a JWOC, showing the rapidity of the open sand dune terrain. Small mistakes for both athletes saw them finish not too satisfied with their runs, Fiona in 23rd but top Brit, and Aidan in 51st , second Brit.

The Sprint provided some technical route choice challenges around the centre of Kecskemet and very few athletes made the optimum choices. Fiona finished top Brit again in 15th to get her first top 20 position in a Sprint race at JWOC, and Aidan was again 2nd Brit in 28th.

The Middle terrain was the most unique area of the championships with a very technical maze of bushes to negotiate. Both CUOC members made it through qualification by achieving a top 20 in their heat and ran in the A final, however it wasn’t their day. Aidan finished in 50th in the A final (again 2nd Brit – solid consistency) and remarked that “that was the hardest course I have ever run” (see the map if you don’t believe him). Fiona was unfortunately disqualified for missing the taped spectator run through (along with a number of other competitors who made the same mistake) – annoyingly the only part of the course when it should be impossible to make a mistake!

JWOC middle M20A map

Fiona at JWOC middle

The final event was the relays, a much better day for team GB. Aidan had his best run of the week on 2nd leg for GBR A to pull his team back up into contention for a podium (top 6) after first leg lost some time in the middle of the course. It was agonisingly close, but they finished in a strong 7th position overall. Fiona ran first leg for GBR A womens team who finished in 4th position and made it onto the podium with GB’s best ever relay result! Lets look forward to BUCS relays next year!

Aidan at JWOC

Paul Pruzina was also in action at the World Universtity Orienteering championships the following week in Finland, competing for Ireland. He had a busy schedule, competing in every race with no rest days. After a strong run on Leg 2 of the mixed sprint relay which was a fast and furious affair due to the simplicity of the terrain, the Middle the following day was a much tougher challenge. Paul finished 77th on possibly one of the longest middle distances he has ever had to run, made more challenging by the intense 32 degree heat. His following performances showed progressive improvement, with 60th in the Sprint, followed by 46th in the Long and then 27th on first leg of the relay running for a mixed team due to the lack of other Irish athletes.

Congratulations for these performances! Whilst there was plenty of learning generated by all three athletes, there is also plenty to celebrate and we can look forward to the coming year of CUOC successes!

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