CUOC meets a Fire at Bromehill

Fire Engine

Forest Fire at Bromehill

Helicopter causes massive disruption to CUOC members

Tom at Bromehill

Today (1st May) 4 CUOCers decided to get the train to Thetford forest to go training. Little did we know our start would be so close to the beginnings of a forest fire. They suspect it was the remains of a campfire which looked like it had gone out which started it. We also saw their exciting thermal imaging camera and they used about 1800 litres of water.

And of course, we did actually do some training as well as demonstrated expertly by Tom (see photo). Click photos to enlarge.

Non-orienteering related update: It actually turns out that on the very same day, Steph and friends and train set, who were merrily chomping at a picnic on the backs, were moved by the arrival of a helicopter.

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