Monday 16th June

Planning exercises on the go

1 on 1 coaching in the sunshine

With the all porridge and muesli having all run out, we turned to alternative breakfast: flambéed hamburger buns. After faffing for longer than on previous days, we walked the scenic route to Molbekk.

Planning exercises in the field, we ran round the permanent course (not yet hung) with 1 to 1 coaching in this complex terrain. After a short lunch break we continued with a control pick on the open slopes to the south of the area. Despite not looking that bad on the map, we had been warned that the area containing "serious hills" which proved to be the case! Very accurate navigation was needed to to pick out the contour detail on the slope and making sure you were at the right height.

YouTube Video

We finally managed to find some ripe bilberries (admittedly only a few, but that will do!) and enjoyed a mid-training snack, before taking lots of photos and videos, with Oslofjorden as the backdrop, for the next generation of CUOC Freshers' Fair publicity material. Fiona managed to replicate the skills of the cameraman at Jukola... We followed the usual plan of a post-training swim in Molbekktjern and an extended drying session in the sun.

We ensured the tour has a 100% outside dining record by eating in the sunshine once again before embarking on our 5th cooking experiment to use up the last few ingredients. A further report will follow tomorrow about how successful our chocolate biscuit cake has been...

Norway Day 6 Compilation

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