MicrO Championships

Micro Map

The MicrO championships were held yesterday evening, at the Wilberforce Road Athletics Pavilion. Ex-CUOC member and professional MicrO planner, Matthew Vokes (DRONGO), had remotely planned some excellent courses. Unfortunately his remote sensing skills were not good enough to tell that the furniture had changed slightly, and that the outside stairs had moved. Control locations included western sink and balcony north-west inside corner. At first, competitors had the additional challenge of working out which controls had been put out in the wrong places.

One of the controls that challenged people most was wall south-east inside corner. Some people were in the room to the east, and looking in the south-west corner.

In the Long Final, Joe Hobbs returned with the fastest time having also had a clean run. Carrie Beadle was fastest woman. It should be noted that the only people who completed the course correctly were Joe, Dan and Ursula.

Results and splits are now available online. Podium positions within each category are listed below:


  • Joe Hobbs
  • Dan Safka
  • Rory Burford

CUOC Women

  • Carrie Beadle
  • Helen Pruzina
  • Emma Crickmore

M Open

  • Andrew Stemp
  • Jason Dunning
  • Iain Stemp

W Open

  • Caroline Louth
  • Jenny Hunt
  • Helen Hague


  • Sam Hague
  • Oliver Hague
  • Daniel Hague
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