NOR Cockley Cley Race

Fingal discusses his route choices

Joe and Fingal enjoying the nice weather

On a sunny February morning, Fingal, Helen, Joe and John met on Queen's Road to get lifts with WAOC to the NOR race at Cockley Cley. Everyone decided to run the brown course.

Immediately following the start, the course went straight into a block of forest to a control on a holly bush. This part of the map even had a contour of two. The next section of the course featured some controls on pits (40 cm holes in the ground) - possibly dug for the race! After crossing the minor road, there was a section of short legs with controls on holly bushes. This part of the course had the potential to be quick tricky, and John lost nearly 3 minutes when he didn't aim off.

After the holly bush control pick there was a long leg back to the western part of the area for some more pit hunting, before a few more varied legs to get back to the finish.

Thank you to WAOC (Helen, Maria and Bruce) for providing lifts, NOR for holding the race (and getting the results online reasonably promptly) and the weather for being nice.

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