CUOC goes to Cambourne

It was going to be an exclusive CUOC trip to Cambourne but Ben wanted to come too and we decided to let him. The bike train set off from Clare colony, although one of the carriages was temporarily disabled due to overheating.

Dan sporadically waved his hands around but it resembled nothing from the highway code. It was entertaining for the on-lookers.

Some streetO courses had been planned (several years ago) and we all chose to do the 45 minute score (in Ben's case again). StreetO is not good for control flow as you have to fill in the answer sheet thing, which makes it hard to keep the map folded. It would have been nice if the answer sheet had been printed on the back of the map.

A full report will appear in the journal next year. Results aren't yet up on the WAOC website, so check back in the next week.

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