Pancakes taste much better when you have first had to do a bit of map memory and then run around for 3-7 minutes looking for fillings to put in your pancake! Therefore, on Pancake Day, 6 CUOC orienteers took part in the first Pancake-O!

For those of you who have not experienced a Pancake-O before, the rules are as follows:

  1. Each competitor specifies from a list which 3 fillings they will use and the order.
  2. Each competitor is given a bag containing 3 pancakes
  3. At each control there is a different filling. You will not know which type of filling will be at the control until you get there. At the control, dib the ‘in’ control, spread the filling on the pancake and then dib the ‘out’ control.
  4. The aim is to assemble all your pancakes as quickly as possible and bring them back for inspection. An assembled pancake means that it (a) contains a filling and (b) is rolled up.

Here are the results from Pancake-O Champs 2014

Note: At future Pancake-Os it is highly recommended to have a larger team of inspectors at the finish and to have manned controls. Due to understaffing, this was not possible at this Pancake-O and therefore several competitors have been given the benefit of the doubt!

More specific guidelines need to be drawn up regarding how much preparation may be done before dibbing ‘in’ and how complete assembly needs to be before dibbing ‘out’. Some assembly of pancakes was dubious!

YouTube video


Fastest at assembling three pancakes: Matthew Vokes

Fastest spreading times

Chocolate spreadMatthew Vokes
JamTom Dobra
LemonJohn Ockenden
SugarJoe Hobbs
HamDan Safka
CheeseJohn Ockenden

So if you want a pancake assembled quickly, depending on which filling you want, you know who to ask!

Rankings and split times are below.

Results & Splits

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