Wander to Wanderlbury

At exactly 17:50:00.0 (more prompt than most Northern Rail services) the bike train departed the Clare Colony terminal and began its journey to Wandlebury. Dan didn't get on at 17:52 at the round church because the train doesn't (didn't) stop there. George and Elizabet joined outside Christs, followed by Ben and Sam at Downing. We then continued to Wandlebury following the only direction of 'carry straight on'. On arrival at the park it tipped it down so we hid under a shed for a few minutes. Then it was sunny :).

The orienteering was not great as we couldn't go off the paths due to the 'wild flowers'. There was also no SI, so we had to suffice with saying 'beep' to wooden posts. John and Ben raced round the white course.

1Ben Windsor4:04.09
2John Ockenden4:36.68

They then continued to the slightly more difficult draw2 course. This also involved drawing a simplified map which contained enough information to complete the course. John smashed Ben at the map drawing part, but Ben then caught John up on the way round, and just managed to keep ahead in the sprint finish!

1Ben Windsor1:36.82 (2)6:11.20 (1)7:48.02
2John Ockenden0:53.02 (1)6:56.58 (2)7:49.60

There were multiple trains on the way back to Cambridge including a freight train carrying SI cards and visiting the CUOC stores service depot!

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