Milton Training

As the Tom-Rail train drivers were on strike, we took alternative forms of transport to get to Milton country park. The wind and rain added to the challenge.

All planners aim to have competitors running in circles, and Ben's courses certainly did this. The one-way streets certainly added to the challenge. Due to a 'printing error' some of the maps ended up mirrored. Even with the one-way streets and the mirror-map, the orienteering only just provided enough challenge for some. There was also a doubles-score: controls were in pairs. On visiting one control in the pair, you then had to immediately visit the next control.

Fortunately the weather kept the infamous Milton Country Park vandals at bay and they didn't steal any of our lovely training kites. The lack of a certain other club member meant that nothing interesting happened. Nothing bad also happened.

Update 08/05/2015

Tom-Rail train drivers due to return to work in the next two weeks after securing a pay rise of £0.00

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