We have arrived (Norway Day 0)

Sunset from the plane

4 excited CUOC members met at Cambridge station on Friday afternoon. Two of them were very happy having finished their exams, and received their results respectively. As a result one will be stating in CUOC for another year! After a brief faff in which 3 of then bought tickets we boarded the train. It wasn't long before a game of 'I spy' started. 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with B'. That would be the beer that slightly dodgy looking man has. 'C', cigarette (yes he was smoking on the train), 'C', crowbar. After swearing at a cyclist BTP were very nearly called.

Fortunately we arrived at the airport without being attacked. Security weren't bothered by the SI boxes, white powders or liquids that one of the party has left in their bag. The Irish girls must have seemed suspicious as they took ages to get through.

We nearly went for a cheeky pint at the wetherspoons in the airport but instead sat on the floor and ate our tea. We then walked miles to the plane and laughed at the people who had paid to get on the plane first. The weather looks nice, let's hope it is nice in Norway and we manage to get the train. Personally, I expect we will end up walking...

The plane journey was ok. At one point the plane was at 12.8 km altitude and 809 km/h velocity. That's 225 m/s which is only slightly slower than James Hoad. I guess that's what happens why you travel with a budget airline! Unfortunately the captain had just made an announcement which means we will almost certainly miss the train. Should have printed a map of the way to the hut...

After the flight to Rygge arrived only 3 minutes early, it quickly became apparent there was no hope of getting the train. Therefore we set off along the road, and after climbing only one fence, walking along a track and using the orienteering map, we finally got the hut. How to get in?

A quick check of email revealed the key had been left in a pre-arranged safe #place . We are now (02:44 local time) in the hut looking at all of Dan's mess. Going to sleep now. Need to rest for the MicrO and forest races later today

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