Norway Day 2

After a chorus of You and Me, Ben leapt out of bed eager to start training, and did a short loop from the hut before breakfast. After a huge vat of porridge and quite a bit of faffing we headed south to Arvolltangen for the days training. It was another really warm day so we took a huge amount of water with us.

Ben had planned a set of courses from a nice sunny open hill. At about 3PM we had lunch, collected the mornings controls and prepared for the afternoon activity. This was called RC#5 and involved a round or through route choice at some of the controls. The 'through' route involved a short swim across a narrow point of a lake. As it was a warm day and the alternative was a long run round, all competitors chose the swim.

We then headed to Krapfoss for a Sprint course around what seemed to be an area of warehouses. As it was 7PM by this time, everyone had gone home for the weekend, so the area was really quiet. One of the controls was on an artificial hill which had concentric square contours! We headed back to the hut but were hindered by the lock on the accommodation block. The code seemed to not be working, so Rory was once again required to break in.

We cooked veggie-chilli, although controversially Ben had brought red lentils instead of green. This didn't turn out to be much of a problem - there's no chilli left. This was followed by waffles, jam and icecream. Due to the absence of Matthew (who has run out of #holiday), the icecream was not cut into geometrical cuboids. We have watched various (awful) orienteering songs on youtube and are now doing some planning for tomorrow

Pictures to follow

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