Norway Day 3

In an attempt to leave the hut slightly earlier than on previous days, we had planned some courses the evening before. After the traditional alarm chorus, another vat of porridge (bigger than yesterday) and some faff we set off to walk to Skaran. Unfortunately the teewam built last year was nowhere to be seen. The terrain was really nice, particularly the blue course (so called because it was drawn in blue) which maximised spur running. A key moment of the afternoon was Karen collecting her first control. One day she aspires to collect two controls.

John invented a spiralO - controls arranged in a spiral around the central finish. People were allocated a different starting control depending on their orienteering ability. The start controls had been selected perfectly with most of the field returning to the finish within a minute. It could have been improved by the controls decreasing in technical difficulty towards the centre of the spiral.

Ben and John decided to take a bearing back to the hut which was 2.4km away. They also decided to set the compass and put the map away. They got their feet wet because they had to stay on line. Remarkably it worked out very well, arriving 150m north of the hut. This is about 6 degrees variation. Whilst they were drying themselves (after showering), the others arrived back and Rory got a bit of a scare.

Tea was cobbled together from various remaining food. A large pan of pasta was cooked along with an accompanying pot of sauce. The major taste improvement factors were peanuts and salami. Lentils and other vegetables were also featured. Over half a bulb of garlic was added because we didn't want it to go to waste. After tea, John got stuck on a stool because he couldn't do a situp. Vokesy called to explain how to watch Jukola on TV because he was bored at # home. We still haven't got it to work!

Rory is planning another micrO around the hut. In the meantime we have done a stretching session and written this report. Results (and photos) from the MicrO will follow later.

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