Norway Day 4

As promised Rory planned a micrO. The upstairs bedroom was transformed into a maze of tunnels, caves and trapdoors! Unfortunately the control inside a sleeping bag could be dibbed through the sleeping bag. John beat Ben, but we haven't quite had time to do the full results yet. We had an issue with the download box telling us 'Reading SI cards impossibly' but fortunately SportIdent offer 24 hour technical support from their base in Whitehaven. They provided excellent service via a conference call.

As the waffles on previous days had not quite been up to the high standard demanded by CUOC, we instructed our wafflier to take the CUOC online training course. As a result the waffles were much improved. Since we couldn't watch Jukola because the IOF are choosing to charge for it (although the SI technician suggested various ways), we had a midnight waffle feast instead. There were a large quantity of oats left in the kitchen, and the wafflier attempted to make flapjack. Unfortunately he isn't trained in this discipline and his substitution of ingredients didn't work. The second accidental tasty invention hereby became granola. Karen collected a record 17 controls which might be a lifetime achievement. We also measured the hut slightly more accurately to make a better MicrO map

Ben missed the daily chorus of 'You and Me' because he had already gone out training. After breakfast and the inevitable faff we set out to hang a number of courses: Control pick; Long legs and the Sunbathing Naked Man loop. After some training we collected said courses and made lunch from all the remaining leftovers: couscous, curry powder, a bit of pasta sauce, broccoli, peas and salami. Granola was served with ice-cream and custard (from the VM). We didn't manage to finish the granola, but Helen force-fed the rest to us.

We tidied the hut, without finding Dan's lost thing, and set off to walk to the station. Unfortunately there wasn't time to go swimming. As is tradition we bought ice-creams before the train arrived. The train departed 10 seconds late which was highly disappointing - we hope the driver will be sacked! We are currently sat in the airport looking at the departures screen. Our Ryanair flight has been delayed by at least 3600 seconds so perhaps the pilot should suffer a greater punishment. The security bods were interested in the SI kit: "I've worked here for many years and I've never seen anything like this". Clearly he wasn't on security last time we came through the airport. He finished his examination with the following: "I have one last question: This stuff must have worked right, because you got to the airport?". We gave him lots of positive feedback on the smiley-face-pressometer.

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