CUOC's big day out

Ben on the MTBO

The usual faff was compounded by the train to Brandon being unexpectedly cancelled. John fixed his bike, Ben planned the bicycle course whilst I tried to draw proper circles.

In Thetford, foot orienteering took up the morning with a nice break for lunch because of the heat. I missed most of lunch because Thetford forest was too alluring. Bike orienteering took up the rest of the afternoon, with Ben taking the opportunity to try out his mountain bike on the mountainous terrain.

Unfortunately, poor route choice led to a significantly longer cycle back to the station. With minutes left to go, Ben took the opportunity to make a quick dash to Aldi for cheap ice cream that was surprisingly decent. More train delays meant an opportunity to lie on the tarmac/concrete before the ride back, whilst enjoying the ice cream.

Back in Cambridge, we made a pit stop at Sainsbury's before heading over to John’s for dinner, Pimms and lying on the grass to top a nice day out.

(Written by Andrew)

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