Pružina makes it to 2nd most boring CUOC Captain behind Maliphant

Rumours have been spreading that the current CUOC women's captain, Helen Pružina, attended an EAOA committee meeting on Friday. This is almost unheard of, as while these meetings may have tea, coffee, and biscuits, they certainly don't have MicrO, potatoes, or an end. The last time this is known to have happened was back in 2011 when David Maliphant, the king of EAOA meeting attendance, was captain. We think he is still there. It is clear that being in the meeting prepared David well for his role as volunteer coordinator for WOC 2015, which he did during the tea breaks. We are pleased to report that Helen has, however, returned home safely. So perhaps in 2019 we will see Helen organising the DrongO world championships?

The contents of these meetings are, of course, highly confidential, but current intelligence suggests that the highlights of the meeting were Helen singing EAOA to the tune of YMCA, somebody going for a midway toilet break at 2am, #everybody saying how great the Cambridge City Race was, and the end.

Helen has already put the date of the next meeting into her diary and looking forward to it is all that is keeping her going through the tears of 5th week.

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