CUOC Wins Pizza Cutter Award

Helen beaming with pride at the awards ceremony

We are excited to announce that CUOC have won the 2015 Schlumberger Pizza Cutter Award. The award was presented to the club at a high profile awards ceremony in Chesterton on Wednesday night. Club captain Helen Pružina formally received the award on behalf of the club with the following acceptance speech:

"It's a great honour to accept this award on behalf of CUOC. Ever since our previous pizza-cutter went missing in 2014 we've had to make do with such rudimentary implements. This is a great asset for the club to have and will make a huge difference to many of our lives. I'd like to thank my family, my friends, CUOC & DrongO members, #potatoes and EAOA for their part in getting me to such an excited point in my life."

Speaking to the press after the ceremony, one club member commented: "It's great for the club to have this prestigous award. I'm really glad we made the cut".

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