From Our Own Correspondant

One intrepid CUOCer roamed somewhat farther afield than usual this weekend, making it all the way to the Lake District to a 'very nice' race planned by Matthew. Joe reports:

'At a mere 500 miles round trip from Cambridge, Sunday's race may have been a little far from Cambridge which is why no-one else from CUOC managed to make it. On arrival at Greta Gorge near Keswick, the skies were blue,the snow was white, the sun shining and the planner was wearing 7 layers and jumping up and down to try and keep warm. After a longish walk to the start, it was off into the forest. Thankfully, the course was planned for such cold weather, as legs 2-3 and 4-5 both involved a lot of climb, mostly up steep, slippery slopes leading to high up on Latrigg. After a nice long leg, the legs became shorter and the map more intricate, but no less steep with a number of competitors resorting to bum-sliding, both intentional and unintentional. The last two controls were in fast open land and forest leading to a speedy finish, except I got lost. Overall, a very nice change from Thetford forest though!

'After downloading and putting on every layer in the car, all that remained was to eat an egg mayo sandwich containing whole peppercorns and start the long journey home.'

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