Training Tour 2015 - Day 2

Not everyone had chosen the correct music for the morning alarm, but Ben had. After letting 'You and me' play completely, John and Ben got up and went to join the others at breakfast.

After the typical faff of the first morning on Training tour, we set off to Bringewood Forest. One car had already left to hang controls, with Jonathan only appearing 10 minutes before departure. Ben had planned some exercises which could also have been called 'hill-reps'. Dave hung controls on his first time orienteering in forests.

One of the controls was moved multiple times by multiple people. We were never sure the control was quite in the correct place or the map was a bit dodgy.

John and Paul had a banana-fight, whilst Ben decided to play symmetry games. Everyone else wearing innov-8 shoes was told to join in. He was awarded 'Dan of the day' for the suggestion.

Sophie had planned some nice exercises in the afternoon in which the controls could be joined up to make Christmassy pictures.

The journey back to the bunkhouse was without incident, apart from John struggling to open the petrol cap at the petrol-station.

Back at the bunkhouse, the Christmas tree was constructed from the branches taken from the forest. It had some decorative O-kites and lighting.

Rory cooked spag-bol, but it was rather overshadowed by Sarah's cheesecakes. Sarah, unfortunately, had to leave after tea and so had to open her secret santa (sinterklaus) presents. Everyone had to have a go with the basketball desk game. Round 1 produced a draw between the Pružinas, Rowan and Andrew all with a score of 2. The second round resulted in Rowan being crowned the overall winner with a hole-in-one.

The rest of the evening was spent playing a game of trivial pursuits (genus version). Our favourite questions included:

  • What is an effeminate floppy trapezium?
  • What would you have in your mouth if you gave a Warwickshire drooper a good sucking?
  • Ringing a phone number to name a racecourse.
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