Training Tour 2015 - Day 5

Today was the 'rest day'. A lengthy breakfast and period of tea-drinking was required for everyone to decide what they were doing.

One group went out for a run, and another went for a walk. A few individuals are suspected to have remained in the bunkhouse. Ben and Zuzka gave up after 5 minutes of the walk and decided to make a map of Clun Castle. They visited a tea-shop before heading back to the bunkhouse.

John and Matthew had a nice run along Offa's dyke and discussed orienteering. The Helens split off from the main run and found some hostile sheep. In the afternoon Natalie arrived.

The shopping trip to Ludlow was completed in record #time. The main reasons for this was that no-one wanted to look at the Christmas lights; and all the food could be bought in one supermarket. As a result no-one was hungry when the shoppers got back to the bunkhouse. They were however surviving on lasagne sheets, leftover white sauce and cloves.

The veggie-chilli was also prepared in record time. Depsite suggestions that a new recipe should be tried, the Wilf's recipe was used in true club tradition. This was followed by some stout cakes, which we don't think Wilf's ever sold.

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