Training Tour 2015 - Day 6

We headed back to Long Mynd for training. The weather wasn't great but by the end of the warm-up it had stopped raining. Matthew had planned another session, this time with 'long and short' and '#visualisation'. There was also a simplification exercise for which we had drawn our own maps the previous night.

The area was quite runnable but there was significant heather in places. Matthew was trying hard to extract people from cars but was foiled by the central locking system. John had to visualise lots of training kites when Matthew asked him to collect a course that had already been collected.

When we returned to the bunkhouse it became apparent that Rory had carelessly left rice off the shopping list. John and Ben were dispatched to the Spar and returned with more beer than rice. Ben drew some more map, Zuzka and Helen made more gingerbread non-geometric shapes, the fire-alarm went off and Matthew planned an AlcO for Natalie and Ben.

Matthew had also planned a MicrO around the bunkhouse. The course included controls in all the normal places; showers, toilets, ovens and grind-stones. A number of competitors have lodged complaints about the representation of some features on the map. A jury of level-A micrO controllers will be convened.

Ben, Natalie and Rowan took part in an AlcO around the bunkhouse grounds. Due to the inexperience of the planner, a grade-A alcO controller was appointed to oversee the process. The competitors commented on the quality of the drinks - particularly the 'Dan beer'.

Matthew had also planned a waffle-O. This involved running around the bunkhouse until you found the filling you had been #assigned. Various unhelpful kitchen implements had been left at the control sites for transferring fillings onto waffles. The remaining quality beverages were consumed.

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