Captain's Report - the Warner Corner

Claire Warner

Congratulations to everyone on a very successful year for CUOC! At least we were able to do some orienteering this year, unlike most of last year which was wiped out with F&M disease. Maybe it was the phrase 'trip to Sweden' that attracted lots of you at the societies fair back in October (certainly can't have been our corrugated cardboard stand - note for this year's committee - get a new stand), whatever, lots of new members signed on the dotted line (Wayne's gentle persuasion) and handed over their cheques - and so there were lots of people to do lots of things with CUOC.

Looking back, there have been plenty of memorable occasions. The year kicked off with a relatively squashy squash, and a good bunch of enthusiastic novices at the IntrO, willing to wade across the bogs on Coe Fen. Several colour-coded races and a formal hall at Magdalene in the Michaelmas term were very popular. The infamous SprintO happened, and happened to make a healthy profit too. After a massive curry at Gandhi's and a party in the delightful Gresham's, nobody's rooms were demolished (completely) by the hoards of unruly OUOCers and ShUOCers. At the end of the term we went in convoy to a wee farm house on a hill to do technical training in the thick forests of Welsh Wales and lots of running up and down hills in the rain. Memories of Mark C's Christmas dinner (more potatoes anyone?) and OUOC sleeping under the kitchen table…

The Lent term was of course the build-up to the Varsity Match in foreign lands. Endless repping following the hands of a clock (or something like that) on Parker's Piece for some people and alternative training for others (no names mentioned) in the form of pint lifting, was evidently all a necessary part of the preparation for Sweden. An excellent weekend organised by Mark B was enjoyed by everyone. The training on the sand dunes was fun, but even more fun was the running down the Big Dipper. Which of course leads on to the epic trip to Sweden! The grand finale! What more need I say! Amazingly successful races for CUOC, saunas and skinny dipping (brrrrr), Irish pubs, Vikings…I think everyone had a fantastic time.

No resting over the Easter holidays for some keen beans. Heading up to the wilds of Scotland to wander aimlessly around the Scottish countryside (as Cath put it) was obviously not so aimless, as excellent results in both the individuals and relays were achieved at the BUSA Champs. Well done!

There's lots more I could say - but I'll stop now, and you can read more about the things CUOC has been getting up to over the next few pages. Well done and thank you to all the committee from 2001-2002, and good luck to the new committee - have a brilliant year - and we'll still be around to help, if you need us! Go CUOC!!!

Written by Claire Warner

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