Historical statistics

CUOC's recent BUSA performance raised the inevitable question of how the successes of 2002 compare with previous years. It turns out that CUOC has a long and outstanding record of winning medals at British Students' Championships…

  • 1977 1st WR (Allyson Reed, Jean MacKenzie, Jane Carter); 2nd WI (Allyson Reed)
  • 1978 1st WR; 3rd MI (Chris Hirst)
  • 1979 1st MI (Chris Hirst); 2nd WI (Allyson Reed); 3rd MR
  • 1982 1st WR (Karen Birkinshaw, Cathy Kelly, Allyson Reed)
  • 1983 1st MI (Quentin Harding); 1st MR (Mike Burton, Pete Haynes, Quentin Harding); 1st WR (Jo Kanssen, Karen Birkinshaw, Cathy Kelly); 3rd MR (Iain Cameron, Alistair Harding, Mark Fettes)
  • 1985 2nd MI (Quentin Harding); 2nd WI (Jo Kanssen); 3rd MR (Quentin Harding, Iain Cameron, Neil Gostick)
  • 1988 1st MR (Steve Nicholson, Jon Forster, Simon Bourne)
  • 1989 1st WI (Jenny James)
  • 1990 3rd WR (Hilary Birkinshaw, Heather Peel, Lucy Allen)
  • 1991 1st WI (Jenny James); 2nd MR; 2nd WR
  • 1992 2nd WR; 3rd WI (Heather Monro)
  • 1993 1st WR
  • 1994 2nd MI (Dan Marston)
  • 1995 3rd MI (Dan Marston)
  • 1999 2nd WR (Cath Ashton, Claire Warner, Rachael Elder)
  • 2002 1st WI (Rachael Elder); 1st WR (Cath Drew, Julia Bleasdale, Rachael Elder); 3rd MR (Alan Elder, Alex Rothman, Mark Bown)

As for the Varsity Match…it turns out that 2002 was the eighth time that Cambridge have swept all four trophies (individual and team races). Oxford have achieved the feat…Never. Naturally. And if the 2003 teams want something to aim for, consider the men's team result in 1988, when CUOC runners placed 1st (Steve Nicholson), 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th. A solid effort.

Written by Mark Collis

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