Patrick-Elder Trophy

Soren fuelling up for the run-in

It all started a few months back - the Chiltern Challenge, I think. Alan mentioned his outstanding performance at the last Scottish, where he picked up fastest split for the run to the finish on five of the six days. 'Right you bastard,' I thought, 'You may be able to navigate, but the run-in is one thing I'll take you on at.' The gauntlet was thrown down, and others have since been drawn into the game. In recognition of the importance of a quick finish (ooh, err), we decided a trophy was in order. So there you have it…a carefully preserved and mounted VJ Integrator, last worn by Alan D. Elder in training, the day before the 2002 Varsity Match. For those of you who are not Latin scholars, the inscription reads Curro ergo sum - 'I run, therefore I am.' For as long as it holds together, we think it should be awarded annually to the CUOC member who performs most meritoriously on the run-in at the Varsity Match. All genders and other mitigating factors considered. Oh, and the judges are to be the Men's Captain and the Training Officer.

Congratulations to Søren Brage for winning the inaugural competition (for a monster split of 21 seconds, 2 seconds clear of a quality field at the VM Classic), and good luck to the rest of you for 2003...

Written by Wayne Patrick

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