The Last Word

There must have been a hole in my glass

The Last Word: So Long, and Thanks for all the Fush

Well…what a year it's been for CUOC, eh? I hope reading this journal has brought as many fond memories (and maybe a few hazier patches) back for you as it has for me as I've put it all together. It certainly seems a lot has happened since I pulled the old, 'Sorry, I'm going to be in Germany' excuse out of the hat to avoid meeting all you keen freshers back in October.

I'm sure the other 18 of you who went to Sweden would agree that it was the undisputed highlight of 2001-02. Quite apart from the outstanding results (enough to make a crusty old Kiwi proud), everyone has their own story to tell…relaxing in saunas and sliding down ice (how are the fingers, boys?), tall Swedes and small boys (Søren…that's illegal in most countries!), relay spills and dart golf (Ben - you fiend), Newcastle Brown and On-On, dares (did you have to, Drewster?) and The Game, pole-dancing and the 'Captain's Special'…OK, to be fair I don't really remember that last one…but everything I do remember was good. So a big thank you to everyone involved, especially to the man who had the vision in the first place, Nick Barrable.

Sticking to the theme of gratitude, many thanks to everyone who contributed articles…a note to the next editor: start hassling the new Men's Captain about an article immediately! And to all you budding photographers - respect. I reckon some of the shots in here are worth plenty more than a thousand words a piece. Finally, I'd also like to acknowledge all the help and free stuff I've had from Chris Green and Heidi Henson, Photography & Illustration geniuses in the Biochemistry Department, in compiling and printing this journal (or newsletter, or whatever it is Jules!).

All good things must come to an end, and that includes my time in Cambridge. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…but one day (Ph.D. permitting, of course). Of all the memories I'll take back Downunder when they finally let me out of here, many of the fondest will involve you crazy orienteers. So…thanks for letting a disoriented Kiwi in on the joys of CUOC. It's been fun.

Written by Wayne Patrick

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