Your AstrO

What do your stars say for the week, the month, the year...?

Aquarius (21st Jan - 20th Feb)

The current position of Neptune and Saturn's moon seems optimal. Some time ago they were in a weird position: strange, very drunk, guy at teaching presentation and in Darwin bar?

Famously includes: Jenny C

Pisces (21st Feb - 19th Mar)

The position of the planets clearly suggests possible future careers: take up juggling, you won't regret it! On second thoughts, maybe fashion guru is one of the options too...

Famously includes: Claire W., Ash B

Aries (20th March - 20th April)

Mercury moves, but to be honest I don't think anyone's too bothered

Taurus (21st Apr - 20th May)

Venus is running late on its path - can a planet oversleep? Perhaps an astronomical alarm clock is required?

Famously includes: Niall I.

Gemini (21st May - 21st Jun)

An absolutely splashing alignment of the stars for you. Perhaps you could try a couple of handstands to celebrate it?

Famously includes: Søren B

Cancer (22nd Jun - 19th Jul)

Surprise, surprise: Mercury moves once again: towards the Sun. Is anyone worried?

Leo (20th Jul - 22nd Aug)

Jupiter and Pluto are retreating. Do astronomical distances represent word counts?

Famously includes: Wayne P.

Virgo (23rd Aug - 20th Sep)

A pretty good outlook for you at the moment with Mars moving towards the path of the Sun, which should ensure that you only fall asleep in the right places at the right time...

Favourite colour: anything that can be found on an orienteering map!

Famously includes: Rosemary D., Jules B.

Libra (21st Sep - 22nd Oct)

The moon appears to have collided with some stars. Take the moon to A&E and definitely try and avoid control descriptions - to prevent damaging it even more. NB: Diaries are always good for noting down committee meeting dates...

Famously includes: David C.

Scorpio (23rd Oct - 20th Nov)

There's a lot to be seen from the constellation of Mercury, Neptune and Saturn. They tell me your favourite activity is cut-and-stick (make sure you only use scissors under adult supervision!), favourite colour's blue, especially on someone's face (but don't be surprised if you're given looks as if you were from Mars!)... And what are the stars trying to imply about the night of the Annual Dinner?

Famously includes: Alan E. and Ali I.

Sagittarius (21st Nov - 20th Dec)

'Churchill Spring Ball?', the stars ask. I think they were quite relieved you slept rather than drove that MPV...

Famously includes: Angela T

Capricorn (21st Dec - 20th Jan)

Well, I'm pretty certain that the recent movement of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and some other planets has to be significant. But I'm a bit out of my depth on this astrological pattern - any

more advanced astrologers out there to give me some advice?

Famously includes: Mark C. (and I'm sure there was someone else, but it seems to have slipped my mind...)

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