Dinner Crawl

Christmas Dinner at Marks

Ash Bown and Alan Elder playing twister

Ash Bown, David Cottingham, Alan Elder playing twister

Meal-O, Dinner Crawl, call it what you will: this social is one of the highlights of the CUOC calendar. The end of 2002 saw the usual suspects gathering in a room in Trinity around a table laden with Ash's chilli vodka, snacks and more chilli vodka. Having all reached the end of the Michaelmas term in good form, some training was still required for the task of finishing the beer left over from the SprintO, completed successfully during the Training Tour the following week.

After everyone had forced down at least one shot of chilli vodka, we made our way to Ali's at St Catherine's where we were treated to wine and more snacks. While Mark went ahead to check on the main course, Blanka served delicious smoked salmon (with more wine) in Pembroke. Not having far to go, we then moved over the road to Mark's, in a Pembroke house just outside the Pembroke P'lodge.

[Ash Bown & Alan Elder playing twister]I'm still not sure who exactly brought out the "Bop-It" toy (although some may be interested to learn that you can now purchase the "Bop-It Extreme" over the Internet!) but the evening went swiftly downhill from that point. You have to have been there to fully appreciate the frustration of this drinking game, and the sinking feeling as we polished off the schnapps and started on the vodka.

Luckily Mark soon saved us from continuing with the Bop-It by serving up a wonderful Christmas dinner, including sprouts, and all the trimmings; we even had Christmas crackers there! After a great meal, Jules, our social secretary, after working hard all term, couldn't resist heading back to her own room down the corridor to get some sleep. Whilst Wayne was making sure Jules found her bed alright, the rest of us set off towards Emmanuel, possibly slightly less steady on our feet than before.

At Emmanuel we were served ice cream by our illustrious captain and embarked on a major Twister tournament that lasted the rest of the night Afterwards we descended on Emma's room at Thompson's Lane for a very tasty (and, needless to say, alcoholic!) fruit salad, finally coming to a halt at Magdalene for hot mince pies with brandy butter.

[Ash Bown, David Cottingham, Alan Elder playing twister]All in all, an impressive amount of food was eaten and alcohol drunk, and we even managed to make it around the whole course in one evening. Thanks to everyone who came for their hospitality, to Jules for juggling round all the courses and arranging the evening (despite missing the half of it that came after the main course!) and especially to Mark for serving up a treat of a Christmas dinner once again.

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