Some photos...

How dodgy is that?

Jules being pulled?

In prayer? Emma in deep contemplation before the Varsity Match.

Emma before the Varsity Match

Relay action... Bob from Oxford stroming out onto the last leg.

Ash hands over to Cath at the VM relays

Rach: "Look, I can balance a pint of beer on my head!"

Alan: "If my sister can, so can I..."

Rach blancing a pint on her head Alan doing the same

Hide and seek: "Oh no, you can't see me!"

Alan hiding behind Ash

The light blue victory: in celebration...

Celebrating the winning of the beerrace

Yummy... The orienteer's diet

Ash feeding Alan a boat...

Dinner Crawl: That would be before Jules fell asleep.

Wayne and Jules at Marks

A complete burn-out: Alan, the club captain, after finishing the relays of the VM.

Alan after the VM relays

Keeping up the tradition.

Alan jumping a sand-dune

And finally, some picturesque scenery... Morning view across Duddon Sands. [Photo: Mark C.]

Morning view across Duddon Sands

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