Some quotable quotes and gossip...

So, who do you think this might be?

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The tantalisingly unattended flag… (or "so near yet so far"). Perhaps hedge cutters or some similar implement might be needed next year…

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Do you know the real winner of the women's VM race? A sinister transformation has happened, are there more to follow…?

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Sweet dreams, Jules. Oh, and do tell us: what were you doing at five in the morning after that dinner crawl?

<img src='/webimgs/2003/quotes_4.jpg' alt='Julia Bleasdale asleep at the DinnerO' title='Julia Bleasdale asleep at the DinnerO' width='200'>

Censored/photo supposedly destroyed/didn't develop or whatever... because I'd be shot, but ask Mark about daisies.

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You're the ones who said it!

  • Cath in an intellectual conversation with Alan at the Annual Dinner… "Yes, but you're clever - I'm thick…"
  • Also at the Dinner… Alan explains to Ash… "Cath's trying to pull us so she's going to be buying us drinks all night…"
  • Rosemary (at Great Tower Wood, explaining the clock relay): "So, you all know what you're doing?" Søren B. (sounding almost unsure): "Orienteering???"
  • "Now, if we had a PDA…" I suspect you know who said that - very often!
  • "So are you staying or are you going then?" Jenny, to Ash, on arriving in her room during the dinner crawl.
  • Something from the opposition (from an e-mail conversation between the Cambridge and Oxford captains - don't ask!): "If you need any help at all organising, I'm sure I could get Ollie on the case. Just don't ask me! I'll stick to the simple stuff, like attracting female Freshers! Cochrane seems to be good in that department too."
  • "The Varsity Match's next week, isn't it?" Ash, at PubO on Wednesday before the VM weekend…
  • Alan, during the Annual Dinner… "Apparently, my IQ's 139…" - "Who says so?" - "The BBC."
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