Annual Dinner 2004 Awards

[Alan and Ali receive their joint Award]

This year the annual dinner was held at Trinity College, and after a lovely meal, Blanka had some awards to hand out...

  • Alan & Ali: Fluffy handcuffs Award (they're pink too)
  • Ann Marie: Sheep photography Award
  • Ash: Elite monkey Award
  • Robin: Baileys and Tonic Award (you've read the article...)
  • Sophie: Latest CUOC Member Award
  • Chris Thorne: Catz for Cuppers Award
  • Chris Morley: Senior Treasurer Award
  • Rosemary: Picking up the Pieces Award
  • Niall: Cheeky Beer-race Award
  • Ben: SprintO organiser's challenge Award
  • Mark: CUOC Graduation Award
  • Nicola: 'Is this really Nicola?' Award
  • Ian: 'So you have time left for Orienteering' Award
  • Edmund: Icenian organiser's implement Award

Written by Ali Ingleby

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