Epping Training

John wearing a hat

This week we went to Epping for training. It was fun. Ben had planned some nice courses, but Paul decided to only do 95.2% of his. John, Zuzka and Emma all managed to finish theirs, with John coming first on the Blue. The forest was nice and runnable, even after two days of non-stop rain. Controls were to be collected at 20:30:00 and Paul arrived at his perfectly on time. John arrived 4 seconds early, but then spent 90 seconds trying to get the stake out of the ground.Meanwhile, Emma and Zuzka got a lift back to Cambridge so they could revise but stopped at a service station so arrived back at the same time. Pizza was delayed.

We went to Ben and Zuzka's house for pizza and made garlic bread out of normal bread. John made a hat out of pizza boxes and we drank squishe out of a wine bottle.

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