CUOC and DrongO top medal tables at British Sprints

The British Sprint championships took place this weekend at the Olympic park in London. John and Ben both came top in their heats, and qualified for the final.

The route to the start of the final wasn't well taped and we probably went the wrong way. The final was around some interesting terrain. Ben finished first, both in time and in the medal table. Unfortunately we can't publish the photos at the moment, but the copyright expires next weekend. All competitors mispunched in the same way on the final, so a race referendum was held as to whether all competitors should be reinstated. The result was unanimously yes, so Ben and John were very pleased.

As the races were only quite short we decided to cycle home. The section out of London was along a canal, and apart from the occasional pedestrian not moving out of the way fast enough, was fairly pedestrian. Keen to look at Swedish furniture, we took a quick diversion to IKEA. There were even more pedestrians and they were slow and dawdly. The kitchen department bizarrely didn't contain cutlery so we had to fight through more people to get to a different part of the shop.

Ben found a ladle and a wooden spoon. We then went to look at Swedish food in the other section of the shop, and purchased some cinnamon rolls and some cider. It turned out to be only 0.1% alcoholic and was quite refreshing. We continued along the river and found a #nice bench for lunch.

We got into the rolling countryside and were on quiet roads for most of the way back. We stopped at Jamie Oliver's Dad's pub in Clavering to have a drink and get our water bottles refilled. Before getting to Duxford the road went through a ford. Ben cycled through fine but John fell off when his wheel slid out sideways. Fortunately he had dried out by the time they got back to Cambridge.

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