Norway Day 5

Liam finishes Tour Champs

Today was Tour Champs, which had been expertly planned by Helen O, even though she didn't see fit to actually come on the trip. So instead, Paul got up early and hung the controls. We used the area immediately north of the hut, which was good for the most part, except for some unmapped felling in a small area. The runners were set off in reverse order of estimated speed, and this estimate got the order exactly right. Jonathan set off second last, wearing the head camera, so hopefully managed to get some good footage as he overtook people. Rory set off actually last to collect all the controls while walking round because he's #injured and had fun taking photos and being 'played with by a dog'.

There had been a lot of rain last night, so everything was very wet, but the weather today was really sunny which was nice.

Once everyone was done, we packed up and cleared and cleaned the huts, which took a while, but we had lots of time so it was OK. Dave got worried that we would clean the toilet before he got a chance to use it, so we did that at the very last minute. In the end, we were finished early, so after Liat had shown off her impressive tree climbing skills and we had all basked on the rock for a while, we locked up and set off for the station.

The walk took just under an hour, and we stopped just before the station to get ice cream, which was very cold, unlike the sun, which was very hot. We left Jason at the station, who was heading to Bergen to see a friend, then got the train and bus to the airport. Then we had loads of time to spare, so spent a while in the tourist shop,where Liat bought one of everything, and Helen didn't buy any bilar. Going through security, Rory's penkife got #confiscated because it had a serrated blade, so it has been sent in the post. Hopefully he'll get it back sometime.

When we got back to Stansted we had to go through passport checks, which took ages because most people aren't able to use an e-passport check machine, even though there are instructional sheets and videos every 3m for the entire queue, which was very long. We had to run for the 2030 train, which Jonathan and Sam caught because they left for it early, and everyone else missed. Lindsay and Jeremy left us here too. The rest of us then sat on the platform until 2127, when Liam left, then got the train back to Cambridge before going our own ways.

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