Paul Pruznia is amazing

Paul Pruzina is an outstanding sportsman, well deserving of a Full Blue. He is a world class orienteer, having recently competed at the prestigious Junior World Orienteering Championships, the most competitive race for orienteers in his age category. He also finished in an impressive 28th in the Junior European Cup this summer, further evidence of his high standing. Paul also managed to win Gold, despite coming last, in the in the East Anglian Championships.

He makes a great contribution to the club as Training Officer, imparting his passion and vigour into the club’s weekly physical training schedule and enabling the rest of the club to aspire to his greatness. I especially wish I was fast like Paul. He is a champion, which is my secret dream.

Paul excels at both the physical and mental aspects of orienteering. His recent performance at the varsity cross country was particularly impressive, and a rare feat for an orienteer. His standing on the online game “Catching Features” is also improving, evidence of his navigational prowess.

He particularly enjoys planning and competing in clock relays, a vital part of club training and the most competitive race for temporal orienteers.

Please give him a full blue, so he will stop nagging me about it.

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