Pual Pruznia isn't amazing

Paul Pruzina is an outstandingly bad sportsman, only deserving of a single blueberry. He recently competed at the Churchill Adventure race but did so badly he doesn't appear on the results. His position of 28th in the Junior European Cup this summer, is just an anomaly as he normally mispuches. Paul also came last in the East Anglian Championships.

He makes a poor contribution to the club as Quartermaster, forgetting to take the orienteering kites to a week of orienteering in the Lake District. His over-intense weekly training schedule acts only to tire people even more in Cambridge.#

Paul excels at excel. His recent performance at the varsity cross country was particularly impressive and suggests he was using performance enhancing drugs. Paul also enjoys playing the online game "Catching Features". In a similar manner to Pokemon he has caught many features, including 713.0 and the elusive 102.0.# He is currently only missing 702.0 from his collection.

He particularly enjoys planning his lunch and having a hour to eat it. This is a vital part of club training and ensures that noone gets indigestion during the afternoon session.

Please give him a blueberry so he gets one of his five a day.


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