Training Tour Day Two

Training today was at Tarn Hows. The control hangers managed to find their way to the area, and had kites to hang, so everything was going well, except Helen put one in the wrong place, but fortunately Harrison noticed before too many people got confused.

The morning exercises were on visualisation. At lunchtime Fiona and Lindsay went in search of a tree to climb, and found one with two branches so they could each sit on one and talk about art. Then Fiona led a yoga/ stretching session.

Lots of people got cold waiting for Paul to come back from hanging controls very slowly, so we did another warm up before the afternoon session. Then we did a fun one man relay where Matthew beat everyone. The planning of the relay was voted to be sadistic as there was far too much climb.

All the controls were eventually collected and Ben and Jezza even managed to collect a 2m high Christmas tree as well. The tree managed to fit into the back of Ben’s car, but Paul got a few pine needles on his face and complained all the way back.

Once back at the hut, some people smutted almonds, Paul washed a pot that he’d burnt earlier, and Ben decorated the tree. The DrongO made a special appearance to become a decoration. Matthew and Fiona made lots of meatballs and it was discovered that Lindsay was a secret super rapper.

The dessert took longer than expected to cool down, so to fill the pause between courses the pre-AlcO was held. The lead changed between Rowan and Nathan several times, but the eventual victor was Nathan.

When that was over, we had some delicious risalamande, made by Fiona, which is a traditional Danish Christmas dish made of left-over rice pudding and lots of almonds, and involves a silly game to try and find the single whole almond without letting anyone else know.

After pudding, Jonathan posted an incredibly complimentary (and in numerous places inaccurate) article about Paul on the CUOC website, which Paul wanted to be removed. Even though he promised not to make any edits to it, this led to Paul’s article writing rights being removed, which turned out to be a net disadvantage to the club, as no one else ever writes news articles. Therefore, the rights have subsequently been reinstated, in the understanding that all previous articles will remain in place unchanged.

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