Training Tour Day Four

Today’s training was held in the aptly, somehow surely, named area of Force Forge. After a couple of warm up stalls, the tourers were able to make their way through the mild downpour to the area, except Fiona who was unfortunately detained by illness. Upon arrival, Helen presented the idea of the training today – route choice – during which a lone ranger rode up on a bike, announcing that he was carrying beer. Closer inspection revealed this to be John’s grand arrival. Pairs of people paraded proudly into the forest, trying to find routes that were not completely senseless yet were not immediately obvious. Some creativity was displayed in cases.

Over the course of the morning, a banana peel found its way to the summit of a nearby unsuspecting tree and John’s bike, in search of greater things, snuck its way up a nearby hill, escaping from the confines of the oppressive branches that its master had laid upon it. Seeing this display of rebellion, Matthew’s car keys’ spirits were lifted enough for it to try to find their own way in the world, making the great leap to the illustrious and infamous Pual Pruznia’s pocket in order to see the world at speeds that other keys could only secretly dream of.

Unfortunately for this intrepid pair of inanimate objects, their owners were quite insistent on their return after the afternoon activity – a head-to-head course of 1.2km in length, about which there were comments about a potentially inappropriate amount of head. This led to John and Matthew working ‘together’ via radio to reveal the location of the keys and John, knowing the thought process of his bike, tracking the bike down and returning it to captivity.

At the end of the morning session, Ben had had to leave for some time to attend a funeral, at which he will not be wearing the DrongO tie after some debate. Like Gandalf, he shall return. Nathan left too, but his fate is more Boromir than Gandalf, taken from us too soon.

While leaving, there was some confusion of Lindsay’s part regarding the difference between control flags, sheep and sandwich bags, but this was adequately resolved to hopefully prevent the punching of sheep in the future.

In the late afternoon, Matthew, Harrison and John went to a nearby night race, while the rest were left to see how much tea could be drink and discuss the consequences of eating the roof of Liam’s gingerbread house on its taxable status.

For dinner, an excellent lasagne was made, with only minimal worry of burning when a thin smoke filled the kitchen, followed by wonderful waffles, where creativity was displayed once again in the choice of toppings, including such options as gingerbread.

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