Icenian 2017 Results

Results now available

We hope you all enjoyed the race at Highlodge yesterday. Results & split times are now available online.

The results of the Icenian Trophy are also out: congratulations to NOR for taking the title with an impressive 785.2 points out of 800! The eight victorious counters were Helen Lloyd (Brown, 100.0), Ella Gilbert (S Brown, 100.0), Mick Liston (S Blue, 100.0), Laurence Ball (Black, 99.8), Katerina Skarkova (S Blue, 98.9), David Ball (Green, 98.3), Kim Eden (Green, 95.3) and Ian Shephard (S Blue, 92.9) Deserved mentions also to WAOC (770.5) - who narrowly missed out on defending their 2015 title - and SUFFOC (753.8) for a strong showing with a smaller pool of competitors. In the battle of the smaller clubs, the four impressive SMOC runners managed to average within 80% of the winning times on their respective courses.

Routegadget for the race is also available - please upload your route here.

A big thank you to everyone who competed and/or assisted with the running of the day. Check back here in the next couple of days for the all important race report.

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