VM Jour 2 - Nous avons commencé la formation

Today started with the final arrival of the public transport group- who had been on a rather prolonged journey, due to a exceptionally desperate attempt to save money on train fares. The brave CUOCers ended up on the midnight slow train, complete with vomiting locals. Fortunately Ben and Jamie were able to meet us close to Paris, and we also knew Rowan was looking intimidating enough to avoid any trouble.

Training was organised by OUOC, starting at a #leisurely 1100- a welcome opportunity for a lie in for those wearied by a hard term. The area was a brilliant forest, mostly consisting of pine wood with runnable mossy ground, interspersed by massive boulders. The rock features were as exciting as hoped, with lots of caves, passages and cliffs to navigate around.

The morning courses consisted of 3 sets called "easy" "medium" and "hard", all of which were very good. Paul argued that the names should have been more motivating, but the rest of us were fine with them.

In the afternoon we had a longer control pick style course. Although there was some undergrowth, the majority of the courses were still exceptionally nice.

When we got back, we found John O, who had appeared after his weekend epic cycle trip from London, during which he had been sleeping in woods, and possibly eating out of bins, finding roadkill etc.

Despite the rather rudimentary kitchen facilities Joanna managed to cook a very tasty curry based meal, which along with some fine cheese and chocolate kept everyone in good spirits, ready for more orienteering tomorrow.

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