VM Jour 4 - Quelque chose en français

Today marked the arrival of several DrongOs including Natalie Holroyd(!!!), Matthew Vokes, Sarah Gales, Ben Stevens, James Hoad and Dan…

Liam was accidentally healthy by choosing a packet of crisps that only had 3 actual crisps in it.

Jezza was injured so decided to cover the most distance out of all of us by cycling to training using John’s bike, a total of 38km. Let’s just say he got a very damaged undercarriage…

Start of the peg relay

The training at La Mare de Pressoirs was very EVENTful. The morning’s courses were planned by Paul (who tried very hard to put the names of the courses in French), including a ‘Contrôle de vitesse’ (speed control), ‘Choix de points’ (Control pick), ‘Plus longue’ (Longer legs) and ‘Projet d’itinéraire’ (Route choice).

We did a peg relay planned by Jonathan, whose attempts to french ended up in calling it a ‘Relais de cheville’ or ‘ankle relay’. Unfortunately, Paul did not like this relay, since he prefers relays of the temporal, time-keeping variety, especially with lots of waiting around. So he, Ben and Phil felled a tree.

This relay had a slight twist, with pegs hidden up a tree, on the tent and in a pile of horse dung.

Rory Burford orienteered, and was rather good at it if I say so myself.

James revealed his amazing knowledge of popular culture by naming I'm A Celebrity winners.

After having arrived from a hard day’s orienteering, we were treated with pizza!

Rowan arrived from his Big Birthday Adventure in Paris.

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