VM Jour 5 - Il a plu

It rained last night, so the hangers left a few minutes later than intended so that they didn't get as wet. When Dan came down to breakfast, he touched the crispy balls and they fell on the floor. A large amount of time then passed before they were all cleaned up, because after filling his bowl he had to wash them before he could tidy up the rest. Meanwhile, Ben had gone to the bakery and bought 25 baguettes, making this the first day that we arrived home and there was actually bread left over for a snack.

The training was on the same area as yesterday, except slightly to the east, which was in general much more runnable, and there were some flatter areas with pits, depressions and vegetation boundaries to consider, rather than just rocks. Matt had planned some courses focussing on first controls, using a start clock app on his phone, and a couple of others about planning ahead, which had some longish legs to think about.

After a while we decided it was lunch time, and Rowan found a gun shaped stick to mess around with. Some less-than-realistic action slo-mo videos were taken of various people getting shot, and some slightly more realistic videos of people running.

The afternoon's training was a trains style exercise in pairs, where you dropped a 'flag' at the control, then went to your partner's control to pick up their's before meeting at a common control. Phil and Ben decided to use John as one of their flags, but John decided on the way to the first control that he was too injured, so returned to the start semi-naked, after giving Ben his clothes to use instead. John and Paul then had a lovely game of sticket, using pieces of bracket fungi as the balls, which were the perfect combination of lightness and hardness.

When we got back to the hostel, we started to make veggie chilli, including

  • 2 bags of potatoes
  • 2 bags of carrots
  • 3 bags of onions
  • 3 bulbs of garlic
  • uncountable lentils

The chopping started at 1600 and was finished at about 1715, using about 5-6 person-hours of work, making this the most demanding meal so far.

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