Cuppers 2017 Results

Winning Christ's team

Individual winners

Cuppers 2017 was held at West Cambridge today. Despite some notable absences (rowing/in Galway), everyone had good time and enjoyed the well planned courses, although some people were caught out by a control on the top of a multilevel section. Congratulations to individual course winners Lily Alger and Rowan Lee, as well as overall college champions Christ's, who are all now enjoying some chocolate to slow them down before Cuppers 2018. We hope to see all competitors at CUOC training in the coming weeks, and definitely at Cuppers again next year!

Apologies for any spelling errors in the results, if you would like us to correct your name please let the captains know.

Team results

Calculated on total time of 3 team members, at least one man and woman (for mixed colleges), with women's and men's times adjusted to allow for differing winning time.


Individual results can be found on the results page

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