Varsity 2013

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Highlights from Orienteering Varsity

Varsity 2013 Live Blog

  • Women's A: Cambridge win by 66 minutes 42 seconds
  • Men's B: Cambridge win by 97 minutes 49 seconds
  • Women's B: Cambridge win
  • Men's A: Cambridge lose, but only by 9 minutes 41 seconds
  • Boat Race: Cambridge win


TCS Newspaper Report

Read the report on the TCS website

Orienteering on the radio

While we were merrily having the Boat Race before dinner on Saturday, CamFM (the student FM radio station for Cambridge) were telling everyone who had tuned in or loaded up their browser for the last race of the last day of Lent Bumps about how we fared at Varsity. You can listen to the whole programme online at (we're at about 21 minutes into the 7th hour of Bumps coverage).

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