Training Tour Day Five

Today we were back at Newborough, a very dank forest, not to be confused with Llyn Elsi, a very dank forest. The day started off well when we realised that Paul had forgotten the kites, his watch and his hat, putting him in pole position for the Dan hat. Instead, we hung toilet roll, an excellent option due to both its biodegradability and functional utility. Sadly, some of the thin white flags fluttered a little too much in the wind, and were ripped in twain and carried away on the storm.

When the rest of the team arrived, Jezza explained his courses, the names of which bore a worrying connection to certain mind-altering substances. After a quick intervention, we set out into the skog for another fun day of training.

Several courses were laid out, and while 'High Road' was utterly peng, 'Hills' was just a bit peak. Unfortunately the terrain proved just too rough for Harry's ankle, and he retreated to the car to nosh his lunch and listen to some sick beats.

The afternoon's activity was the subject of much hype - Aidan had invented a Fourth Sprint Format and was very proud of it. Rumour has it that the IOF has offered him an undisclosed sum in return for permission to use it to further destroy WOC; however he graciously declined in order to use it for some future CUOC evemt.

It lived up to the hype, and half an hour of furious racing ensued. A three way split of routes to the finish decided the podium - Paul's terrain speed managed to overcome Aidan's path option and James's compromise. Not long after, however, the forest spirits decided to target Rory's ankle, and claimed their second casualty of the day.

Rory got a lift back to a different car park, so Paul drove his car over. Meanwhile, Rory hitched a lift back to near the original car park, so Paul drove his car over. Luckily, Rory's ankle wasn't too bad, so Paul didn't drive his car home.

When we got home, we decided not to do the AlcO tonight because we didn't have much time, so Jeremy, Elizabeth and Fiona made some Special Rice.

During dinner, because Aidan had abused the sign-out sheet, he wasn't allowed any cutrely, so ended up with egg on his face. To add insult to injury, this was followed by Elizabeth's egg-containing flapjacks, to further trigger Aidan's egg allergy.

After that, during post dinner drinks, Lily, Harrison, James and Fiona decided to spice up Paul's life by adding the remaining Bird's Eye Chillis to his tea. Taken aback by this harsh attack on his tastebuds, he donated most of the cup to the ground outside, although later regretted the decision when he realised it tasted quite nice.

Aidan and Elizabeth then did their best at defying gravity with some giant jenga sculpturing, reaching the dizzying height of 0.95 Helens.

Lily discovered a poem on her pillow, replacing the one she didn't get yesterday, and read it out, before Rowan used the extra day's grace to do some training for the AlcO. Late into the evening, we played a couple of variants of Mafia. The high tech variant Triple Agent, played on Rory's iPad, resulted in the death of the noble service agents Aidan and Helen, whilst Ana's narration of Werewolf to the Interstellar soundtrack gave at least one player nightmares.

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