Training Tour Day Six

Today the mountains were very snowy and it was very windy, so we didn't go to Gwanas, and instead went back to Newborough again! The hangers left in time to drop off Jeremy at Llanfairpwllgwyngylldrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Station, the name of which Fiona described as Fake News.

When we arrived, it started to hail and man was not hot, so stayed in the car for a while before heading out. Paul (yesterday's Dan of the Day) found the visor of the cap very useful in keeping precipitation off his face. We all met several doggos, whose owners apologised for their friendliness, which we thought was unnecessary.

Harry had planned a few courses on the same maps as Helen's from Monday, which made it quite difficult to read in places, but the training was good anyway.

When everyone was finished their courses, some people sat in the cars and listened to music, while others shivered in a rhythmic manner. Tim discovered that the 'loudness' of his speaker system had been turned off all the time, so we turned it on. Harry demonstrated that he was sexy and he knew it by dancing energetically around the car park, scaring all the local wildlife away.

We then headed home and Paul planned the AlcO. In a break from tradition, it was a semi-indoor MicrO this year, and as a throw back to the dawn of time, courses had to be copied down from a master map. Paul was fastest round the five testing refreshment points and courses but given he planned it he was non competitive. Tim was first real person, and Elizabeth first woman.

Some dancing and other merriment then ensued, followed by some dinner, and some less-than-merriment for certain individuals, who went to bed early.

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